I met dad pulling mkokoteni

Today I came across my dad, he used to touch my wiwi when I was a boy before throwing us out… I lived to curse him n hate marriage…

Leo I met him in his hustle pulling a cart , looked malnourished n heavily intoxicated …

seems it paid off he is suffering like the scum he is

It hurts me to date , never told no one just here to break free

Are u @Mzee mzima

Inafaa pia we umshike an eye for an eye

What he did was wrong but why demonize people pulling mikokoteni? What if you met your sleazy dad and he was a teacher or doctor? Do you know some of these professions do not pay that much?

That in fact the mkokoteni dude if he has good “tenders” from mama mbogas can be raking in more than you-a salaried person. I say this because I work for an NGO and too often see how these despised jobs can sometimes be well paying. In fact we are all about promoting and funding micro enterprises.

Definitely these are not your typical glamorous jobs. I for one I do not have what it takes to do those jobs but who cares if they are not coming to you to beg.

A man is still a man… ontop of a the latest Range or pulling a mkokoteni… mblo respect wera za watu huku inje… regardless of what your father did to you.

What I can tell u bro …is that forgiveness is a very important part of healing. You will not be able to move on without forgiving…

Kwani what did your dad do b4 pulling mkokos?

What’s a wiwi. Why are you still mentioning your dad and your marriage at the same sentence!!

Male genitalia

I hope he is not your real dad. If your dad is made of shit, so are you. Coz you are made of him.

Perhaps he’s not your biological dad…but shouldn’t you be sharing such heavy things with a counselor? Be well.

Exodus 20:12 "Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

Any farm to fork study shows the importance of these groups of people in the first and last mile connectivity.

Please get counselling for your trauma. Forgive him as this will enable you break free and move on.

You tell so many lies. The day you will shout wolf nobody will turn up. Some of these things are morbid, sickening.

huyo mjinga alikamuliwa mkia juu ya ps2:D
watoto wa single mathas ni scum which should be thrown into the deep sea


Na kutoka ujenge chicken coop uko na madharau na uwongo kijana! Anyway, pole kwa kupigwa ndole

He may have looked malnourished n heavily intoxicated …but remember you have his DNA in you. Imagine kama angetumia condom kama zile za Sure, sasa ungekuwa manure ya sukuma wiki ama ungekuwa washed away to the great oceans. That aside there is a definate blessing that comes when you honour your parents. They are the second gods…in short find peace with him and leave the rest to nature or the gods