For those knowledgeable (this word was very tough to write, imebidi nimemuuliza Google… @ol monk na @Deorro angalieni manenos ya suggestions za correct spellings the way it is done in MS Word bana!! ) on matters international shipping of products vuteni stool zenu karibu… I know of a local shop which sells apparel in town. There are some shoes they sell at about 5k (Jordans, Zannottis, Versace boots, Riccardo Risci’s Nike and the likes). To add on to that they’re running an offer for some items e.g you buy the Zannotis for 5k and receive another pair of the same for absolutely free!! On Ebay you cannot find any of the above shoes with less than $350! Now that is where I come in, I want to be buying from the local shop and sell them on Ebay. Problem is I am green on shipping products to other countries.

I need to know the cheapest methods to ship products and receive my money

Mbloo m n novice hiyo sekta…cwes mind kujua pia kunaendagaje

usually as long as it is not foodstuff and not bulk you simply put it on DHL or Fedex and address it. the recipient may have to pay taxes. check out govt websites of respective govts because regulations differ but in most cases a single item is considered a gift

Ati Versace boots… buy one for 5k get one free? Hio pesa hata haiwezi nunua genuine converse rubbers…watu watajua hizi ni imbo from the very start. Tafazali rethink your business plan.

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Thanks… I want to exclusively deal in shoes

Of course I will post them on Ebay with a higher price to reduce suspicion or I sell them through bidding bado ntapata doh poa

You will only sell one pair after which he guy will give you the worst review ever.



Are you selling original or fake shoes?

I am not 100% sure on that I will buy the first pair tomorrow and confirm but I believe they’re original… But even wakinipa a bad review I open another account and continue operating

boss you ain’t following your own conversation? hehee you ain’t on TO something you are on something


True. @Mzee mzima why don’t you instead sell what you are smoking? That’s real isht right there bro! I want some of that.


Online business is based on trust. You can have 100 accounts but someone with 1 account makes more sales than your combined accounts. Isitoshe, kama hauna return policy no sane person will buy from you.

funza huya kaka mdogo biashara

I get what you’re saying on ethics ninini I will include a return policy on my account… But I am sure 90% of the potential buyers can’t tell a real from fake

Have you ever bought something online? ebay or alibaba?

Not really… The closest I have ever came to buy anything online is when I wanted to buy some magnetic studs but my friend did it for me and I received them after sometime.

You are not located in Milan or Paris for people to think these maybe genuine eBay will show these are shipping from Kenya which will heighten suspicion. Again rethink your business plan.


Poor business strategy. You’ll probably get blacklisted after a few complaints

Wait until you are tracked down by the Interpol anti-counterfeit agencies… Better still, you told the villagers we will raise a bail for you.

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