I like paying for p*ssy

I like paying for a good time. I like the mutual understanding part of it.
Everybody leaves satisfied no drama.

Haha just seen a user hapa KT by the name @femaleperspective. Ebu @femaleperspective hit me up in the inbox we panga something on the side. Open to other ladies who like to get paid also, tuende kando.

Wanaume who also like to pay for their lungula ebu pia ingia inbox, we talk kidogo, you might also be of help haha. Don’t get weird though. Keep it civil, like a gentleman should, ey?

Anyway, I was posting here to spark the discussion. Who else is in the same boat as me and likes to pay?

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen. You all need to know that.

  1. It costs Kshs 22/- to pay Bills like Electricity on Safaricom network while it’s absolutely free on Airtel network.

  2. It cost Kshs 99/- to subscribe 200Mbs data on Safaricom network while on Airtel network Kshs 99/- will get 1GB data.

  3. It costs Kshs 4/- talk time per minute on net Safaricom calls network while it’s only Kshs 2/- per minute on Airtel network.

  4. It costs both the sender and recipient on Safaricom Mpesa services while it’s absolutely free to send money on Airtel Money, only the recipient on Airtel Money pays withdrawal fee.

  5. Save your money. #Resist Safaricom!

Welcome Andrew Kibe

Jaymoh why do you like posting this nonsense that you collect from mkz? ama ou create your own thread and post meffi there. i promise i wont open it.

[SIZE=16px]Kwanza come home and resist sio kutupigia kelele na uko diaspora.[/SIZE]

You beat me to it.



Haha, my bad I should have probably been more clearer there. Straight guys is what I meant.
Thanks for spotting that ha.

Hio ndio kitu Mungich anaeza fanya cha maana kusaidia baba…

Too late.
We have already categorically placed you in the DFHKM sekshen.

Hahaha, c’mon man.

Who tells we’re looking for bargains?
Google up quality vs quantity.

Seriously dude.
Why else would you want blue handles to inbox you and discuss paid sex?

Conclusion: Rear batallion Lieutenant
Special skills: Sword fight.:rolleyes:

Cheap is expensive.
Only a few people realize that.
Anyway to each his own.

Hahaha, more like a group of guys with similar interests.
To recommend where to get some good clean chiles in this city of ours.

I swear though, I’m not a booty bandit haha.


Damn son, calm your tits.

Haha at last Andrew Kibe amejitambulisha alete hekaya in writing kwanza yenye aliambiwa ararue nyap helicopter style…hehe

:o:o:o umeamulia kubomoa kabat na post yako ya kwanza