i know a guy who took a loan and gave his entire salary per month kulipa loan

Loan ikiisha anachukua ingine immediately. He swore the bich will never see a penyy of his money


Unajidanganya, do you know what is a statutory deduction? It comes before ANY other deduction, meaning if a court order says a deduction be made from your payslip, ata kama uko na loan inadropiwa ndio that statutory ikatwe kwanza, hiyo ni kama NSSF,NHIF,PAYE, UNION etc.

That rarely happens. Only a very daft man would have a court of law subject his pay to statutory deduction in the case of child support

I agree. Alafu pia kuna the two thirds rule. You should take home at least a third of your salary

Unless ucheze kama wewe, Employer (esp civil service) wakipewa court order they will effect the deduction and drop the bank loan,no questions asked. utadeal na bank yako,am telling from a v informed position

Exactly,lazima employee abakishe 1/3 ya basic salary


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Leta hekaya mkuu

Court attachments/deductions come first once the Gross pay (Basic+House+Commuter allowance) has been computed. Apana cheza na sheria.
That is they dont care whether u take 1shilling home or negative 50K.

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And Sacco’s thru Fosa loans ignore the third rule majamaa. Some even lend you front office loans up-to a net pay of 3k .hio dio the take home. Add Shylock’s and mama mbonga ata slayqueen ikiona akiwithdraw 3k monthly inawekelea mwingine ball. My maths teacher in primary Mr Richard has almost 15 baby mama’s Na anasurvive I swear

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Hakuna kitu kama hiyo…first most banks won’t let you take more than 1/3 of your basic…hiyo ndio court itabaki ikipambana nayo. Na haiwezi chukua more than half of that. Kama the teacher ameredirect salary kwa those small tier banks the likes of Afya fosa, that don’t care about the 1/3 rule on basic salary na pesa inakatwa hivi ikaingia mtu mzima akona suit anabaki na 3,500 end month(this ive seen with my own eyes.)Plus hiyo contract ya loan hakuna bank itaingilia I iseme ati badala ya kukata 40k nyonga 20k iende kwa bibi.

Vaa condom nanii wacha kubishana. That guy is right on child support order of the court interpreted as statutory deductions. Ama umestuka juu uko na mkidi umeneglect mahali :smiley:

Boss my herd will never lack,na wote nilichapisha dna pale kemri. kujipanga my friend, lol na sivaangi condom,wewe valisha usizae wengine kama wewe. Elewa kwanza , that statutory deduction is in order, hiyo sio shida, shida inaingia pale this ninja has previously taken loan to the limit of almost taking nothing. How will the employer implement such and order without breach of contract?

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