I just can't sleep

Slept at 11.30pm and while up at 4am. Been awake since. It’s a daily pattern. Is this normal.

Insomnia is normal at certain ages… Just like night sweats!.. But try exercise in the evening

Try being the top.

:smiley: he will be more tired aweze kulala:D

that’s sufficient enough…lipisha kesho mchana

I also cant sleep I keep having @Weird Nightmares

Best hours for productivity … The brain is fully rested.
Use the hours to plan your projects or assignments.

i sleep at 930 na naamuka 430

and i see no problem. silalangi mchana na naamka refreshed. hata sometimes i sleep at 11 na kuamka ni 430 na niko OK

Punguza stress kaka

quit being a bottom homosexual like @poyoloko @MBOMB @imei2012

Try threesome FFM. Hapa uta lala usingizi wa pornography.

unalala 10 hours kwani uko na mimba !

7 hours bwana! mpaka umefanya ni hesabu na vidole

I told you fishing will never be the solution to your life’s tribulations. Haukuniskia. You have to address the root problem. For you, 2019 was all about resigning from jobs and declining responsibilities. All for what?? Fishing??

Hizi mashida zimekukumba ni kwa sababu ya upumbavu wako. WAJIBIKA!!

BTW you’re one of the talkers I have placed on suicide watch.

You have to see a counsellor or do something…IMMEDIATELY!

I have never known an African who resigned from his job one week after getting a promotion.

That was a red flag . A dead give away!

Tick* Tock*!!


No Biggie, if I sleep at 9:30, I’ll wake up around 1:30-2:00 and read till morning.
Normally I sleep around 11:00-12:00 and wake up at 4:00-5:00.
Your body needs only 4 hours of sleep to function normally.

I saw you peddle some fish gear around sometimes last year.

I think your target was @Kimakia and if I remember well; you were trying to offload some fishing gear on his ass but he humbly declined citing some anonymity concerns.

I hail from a fishing community so take my advice SERIOUSLY. Africans catch fish for food not for some sport or therapeutic reasons.

If you continue catching fish and casting them back to the waters for stress-relief; just know your days are numbered. The white man may do it without repercussions but for you, kumbuka wewe ni nyeuthi. Just don’t do it. The curse of our forefathers will befall you.

ukizaa weka till number tukuchangie pesa ya pampas ! …talkers will organise baby shower