I have the right to sleep at Samidoh's village home because I helped him to build it- Karen Nyamu tells those criticizing her for sleeping in a house previously occupied by Edday

Senator Karen Nyamu has said she is entitled to sleep in Samidoh’s house back in Nyandarua because she assisted him in constructing it.

Karen was responding to claims made earlier by Edday nderitu that she was shamelessly sleeping in another woman’s house instead of asking Samidoh to build her one.

Karen now asserts that she did, in fact, make a financial contribution to the house, adding that Edday never set foot inside until it was finished.

The nominated lawmaker went on to claim that she was the only person invited to the housewarming party.

‘’“Hehehe ask that woman if she has ever stepped on site kukijengwa ama ni mimi
nilikua nakuja (during the construction of the house because it was me who used to
go there regularly to give Samidoh) moral support saa hii mimba ni kubwa (I was
heavily pregnant during) Corona time. No wonder at the opening ceremony it was
me who attended. Umeefanya niongee vitu sikuwa nataka. Usiongee kitu hujui (You
have made me share secrets I was not ready to divulge. Don't talk if you know
nothing), ” she said

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Samidoh should buy two beds for his sluts akue analala na each in that house akiwatomba Boole boole na kuwaimbia mogithi


Samido is a kawaida shagzmondos…a disgrace to our kiuk maumau forefathers who would keep the peace at a homestead of 10wives while still fighting the colonialists in the mount kenya forest


Samido cant control his biatches.

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Karen is too old and controlling for Sami-hoe

That boy will one day dearly regret dallying with that bhang smoking woman . Its not hard for a disrespectful bitch like that to even give you steel wool. Mark my words


There can never be peace in a case where two women have to co-exist.

Guess these BS is the one keeping Samido showbiz alive


It’s be out of the ordinary if that doesn’t happen the moment he inevitably tries to leave

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