I Have No Advise for Bobi Wine, Kizza Besigye Says

Huyu jamaa alipotelea wapi au ni viboko alikula sana mpaka akacha hizo ndoto za kumngoa M7 ? Au si wangetengeza party like JUBILEE yao huko yeye na Bobi Wine alafu yeye akue prezzo na Bobi akue Vice Prezzo !
In an interview with Citizen TV yesterday hosted by Waihiga Mwaura in Kizza’s home, Mwaura talked about Bobi Wine’s house arrest situation and and asked whether Kizza had any advise for Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine(video). Kizza laughed it off and said that he actually has no advise for Kizza Besigye. That if he had it he could have used it himself in the previous four times he fought Museveni.

Hio ghasia m7 should kill him. Ombwakni yeye juu ameimba shitty songs now is a hero. Kaguta kanyaga ghasia proper.

alipotea au alipotezwaa na mzee M7. Maneno mingiii mwisho wake alinyamazaa. Bobi arudi bollywood aendele kuimba.

Bibi ya Besigye ni executive director huko UNAIDS. Mimi huona yeye huwa anachezea watu akili.

I actually enjoyed the interview. Wish they showed the whole of it.
Besigyes quite articulate.
And age is catching up with him…theres only so much a man can take.
I applaud his efforts and resolve…man fought the good fight.
Bumped into him in 2010…nikashtuka hata siku weza kujicompose nimgotee…ukimwona kwa t.v. unaweza think hes a tall strong dude…considering the beatings he takes…but Msito is like 5 feet tall and skinny…tuseme 50 55 kgs atmost…but he is a contented guy…was walking by himself to his awaiting vehicle with a huge smile on his face.
God bless him.

Sura ya Kizza ndio haikusaidia kabisa. If he was less ugly, he WBP

That guy Kizza struggled so much by himself. It’s a pitty. He never had any political opposition support. Just being beaten weekly like a dog all alone.

You really are a homosexual. What does being handsome have to do with presidency!!!

It takes men with unshakable resolve to do what needs be done, a prince among men.

Kizza is a man and a half. Challenging a brutal dictator like M7 is no mean feat. May M7 rot in hell!