i have made a discovery

So elders i have made a semi discovery, it has room for more research.

there is this cat that belongs to my daughter, so today as i was nursing my hangover i saw it purring around the house. no one was around and i picked it up and said hi. out of nowhere it bit my finger.

i calmed down and thought of the best punishment for the cat. since i was alone i tied its four limbs and started choking it in phases , yaani like how CIA were doing to arabs in Guantanamo bay, Enhanced Interrogation . i choke it , it fights but can only move its head when it tries to yelp , the mouth is closed and more choking .

the choking goes on till its hapless then unaacha it gains strength and air then more phased choking . i did it till it conformed and knew who was the top cat in the house. then i let it go elders am not a narcissist / psycho. it went and prostrated for 10 minutes straight recovering its 5 lives that had almost gone :D:D:D:D:D:D.


before choking the cat it was pure white . while choking it , in the head i saw one flea running in panic all over its head , when i stopped ngeta-ing it the insect disappeared.

so my discovery is that when a living animal is at the end of losing its life any symbiotic or parasitic organisms in the body panic and start fleeing. this could herald a new age in medicine since if we deathscare organisms diseases from viruses to bacteria might run away .

ill look for funding for the next phase of my research whereby i infect the cat with flu virus nyonga the cat for some seconds it dies and i resuscitate it and see if the flu is gone.

next phase we go to humans , we get a mentally challenged person like mkamba mshamba mjinga illiterate @PHARMACY and try to deathscare the kwashiokor out of his brain .

funding guyz is what ill come for after the CAT part 2.

A tick always following the cow to the slaughter house discounts your theory and “discovery “

i think this is the way to go , kijiji will donate mkamba illiterate maskini for the research .

You’re very sick, but you might be on to something


Apparently we have our own BTK Rader. Wankle chunga mwenendo

Sick fvcking psycho


You are. You need help

@LIEN habari uwesmake

:D:DThis is extremely fucked up.

Kumbe ni wewe, psycho bitch.

@uwesmake unaishi aje paipu na viroboto

Hehehe…did it bite the three jointed Pinkie



The cat is able to sense your inner feeling. That’s why it bit you in the first encounter. Ulikuwa na nia mbaya.

Same case, they always know when someone is about to die. Huwa zinakuja karibu kutoa last hope. Next assignment jaribu kupeleka hiyo paka kwa wagonjwa mahututi uone miracle.

In other words, the world is headed there, where technological innovation will be able to imitate/process human feelings. Think Quantum - AI /ML.

animals rights my fren

sijui huyu mujamaaa

apantambua @LIEN , am an autonomous entity .

I hate sadism…blocked

Uwesmake unakuanga na shida na paka, kuna time ulinyonga paka ya jirani ukiwa bado kimilili.

:D:D:D:D chief una ni confuse na huyo scientist @LIEN