I have decided to watch Andrew Kibe

So @Purple motivated me to listen to his podcasts. This guy is funny and real. Ni kama amepitia real shit


1:38:05 listening to some random rant from a wannabe?
You must be using office Wi-Fi.

niko kwangu bro wifi nimelipia safaricom. I am working as I listen. Any problem son?

No problemo.
Lakini mimi ni Mzae…


98 minutes is an extravagant allocation of time to KIBE.

The maximum i can is 3 minutes.

16 minutes na hajaaanza show?:D:D:D:D:D

Kibe is a kenyan great

Finyilia yeye chini.

mudonkolio pigwa punyeto

Mudonkolio ni nani.

Kibe is a great genius