I have A little confession!!

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Conceal my id and let the members judge me atleast inaeza punguza dhambi zangu
Me and my good friends actually their nick names were Mnati ngui, Kaparo and i was Kathombothi i know they are not in the channel and none of the victim is in the channel too…we used to live in the same plot and worked in the same office.

Any of us would bring his girlfriend to our place and the girlfriend would bring along two sisters or cousins u know what would follow (life was sweet u know) there was this day Kaparo’s chick brought her niece who was meant for Mnati ngui coz i was dating the sister and it was on a friday afternoon so my buddies were at work and she was left with me to wait for Mnati ngui at 4 ufisi nayo…nikakaguza kakajikuja kama andazi waaah mtoto wa ushago sema matako kuparara lakini aithuru nikapiga kitu haraka!

Nikajua my guys are almost kufika, unfortunatly/fortunately Kaparo arrives alone bila Mnati ngui nikampigia story but i didnt tell him nimenyandua and he immediately tells me niende kwa room yake niwaache! After 40-50 mins he joins me very happy telling me nisiambie Mnati nikajua ashakula at 7 Mnati comes and i call him kwa room yangu nikahand over mali yake… she got pregnant unlucky kid she came late when we were going next level ya kuleta maworkmates…

Finally things resurfaces at once 7 girls pregnant 2 by me 3 by Mnati 1 by Kaparo and the other 1 by we dont know .
2 of my workmate wakakwama na mimi till one already has a son with me the other one anapanga kupata mtoto next yr hivi, I dont know whether i love them though we meet whenever i am home, there are also these two other ladies in this channel (i am sure coz every time i visit tunasoma stuff Kilimani Mums together) i love them equally but one is a freak in bed though she told me she has had sex with 4 guys too many for a chick but its fine coz i lied to her i have fucked 2 ladies pamoja na yeye ni 3 but in real sense i have had sex with 19 women and 1 was cj and bj… lots of lies she believes i am 25 yet am over 30 …

By the way i want to close it at 20 lakini huyu wa 20 should be hotter Kaparo has a kid too with a lady workmate but these ladies are secretive coz i dont think they know what happened to each of them… Its now 4 years since we disappeared from that town baada ya hizo dramas.

Kaparo is somewhere in Central Kenya, Mnati in Turkana, Kathombothi in a neighbouring country.

To be continued…

Aki ni macho yangu imechoka ama ni mimi sielewi nini hii nguruwe inaandika…punctuations bro

Hekaya mufti.

Please tell us that you are at the looney house in Mathare and that mnati ngui and kaparo are the demons that live in you.

One story. Told in 7 sentences. This must be a record somewhere…

[SIZE=16px]" i love them equally but one is a freak in bed though she told me she has had sex with 4 guys too many for a chick "

:D:p:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:p:p:p:p:p:D:D:D yeah? Try multiplying by two (or five in some cases) then you get the real number. [/SIZE]

A b.itch telling you she has slept with 4 men? my fren, even sj pokos have never been screwed that much.

Unahitaji kupewa kerol

unajaribu kusema nini mninja?

haaaaaaahahahaha huyu amejichocha sana apa…

Hi Hekaya haiwez mek ata kwa folk tales Lakini imeni nice though

:D:D:D What goes around comes around

So mnati ngui came and swam in your jizz? waah, dunia ina mambo kweli. Muaambukizana ukimwi wenywe kwa wenyewe

i know a 20 year old intern who has been smashed by 3 ninjas i know. in like a month. huyu body count yake inaekwa to the power of n. siku izi ni noma