I have a feeling that...

… someone is about to receive a very fat cheque. From whom, I don’t know. But the famous receiver of the cheque is supposedly in London today. He has blackmailed everyone to submission.

Did you see how uncharacteristically happy and relaxed he was yesterday as he was addressing that presser?

Sasa ujinga ni hiyo hasara yote amepelekea taifa letu. What do they think we are? He should face a firing squad for all the bad things he has made our country go through!

He asked you and your crooks/morons to make elections fair, square and simple . You refused …OK constitutional crisis is beckoning… loading

What constitutional crisis? He could have triggered it already.
He did not withdraw within three days after nomination, so he is a candidate. In case he withdraws, the remaining candidate is declared the duly elected. Constitutional crisis is in your head

Cheque ya kufanya nini?

Just like how ODM held free and fair nominations. I am with you on this one.

When crocodiles open their mouths by the river banks don’t think they have nothing to do. Option B loading

You are just evasisve. Explain the crisis you are talking about

I like the way you are clutching at straws. Option gani na hata demos are only happening in Luo counties only? Secession? Bring it on, we will sign the petition for you.

What option? :D:D:D

I swear this NASA pips have no any other plans… Ati ni kuficha game.

I fear of a libya looming situation in kenya so that Godec and co can mine our oil .He brought one in tunisia and was among those who brought Gaddafi down . .

@Soprano I hear u work at IEBC. Please confirm.
Fair elections just like the ODM party’s nominations.

Fair , square, simple means OT Morpho out, Safaricom Out, Al Ghurair out?
Raila thinks he is dealing with people of IQ 10.

There is a reason Nasa keeps mentioning the ‘illegalities and irregularities’ in general. Because if they went into the specifics, everyone will realize it is something that can be rectified in one afternoon.

The irregularities cited by the Supreme Court are:

  1. Verifying Form 34As.
  2. Announcing before all forms have arrived.
  3. Signatures on forms.
  4. Standardizing Form 34As and Bs.

Even a std. 2 kid will tell you that you don’t need Chioloba out, or Al Ghurair out, or Safaricom out to rectify such mistakes.
That’s why Nasa refuses to go into the specifics of these irregularities. All they keep asking is whether the irregularities committed themselves.

@Soprano and @Kennedy Maina nipatieni business plan naeza anza na 50k.
Or mnitafutie kazi kwenye huwa mnafanya

Raila is playing his cards close to his chest and it’s giving Jubilee nightmares trying to decipher his plans. Tangu he blindsided them that he wasn’t going to court alafu he beat them at their own game, they are very wary of him.

Bottomline being RWNEEPB!! Nefa efa

Let’s talk after election. Bookmark this quote

You talk too much…are you a woman? All I said is constitutional crisis. I expected a response in that line not what happened after you guys stole

L let’s talk after one sided election

Guka last time you correctly predicted 54%. This time unaona itakuwa ngapi? I’m seeing 72.7%, ebu tell us. :D:D