I hate my stock launcher soo much

Guys… I really don’t like my android launcher juu iko na too many screens that I can’t delete. I want to permanently replace it with some other launcher I can customize more and get rid of the system launcher. My android phone is rooted… Could it cause problems on my device?

Download Nova launcher


Thanks Mandela though nlitaka kujua kama niki uninstall system launcher ineza brick phone yangu

you don’t have to uninstall; just have the 2-3 of them and choose whichever one you want anytime…

if you uninstall system launcher your phone will may stuck in start screen/bootloop

Nani alisema?

You do not need to uninstall the launcher, just head to Google play and download another launcher and mark it as the default


its ok to uninstall and bcoz ur rooted u can go ahead and convert ua current launcher to system launcher/app, using titanium backup
Nova Launcher and KK launcher are among the best with high customization


not really

at any time ur phone needs to have atleast 1 launcher

tumia hiii http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2368506

Try APUS launcher. great wallpapers

Thanks guys. I got rid of the ugly launcher n my phone is not stuck on the start screen… I prefer adw launcher. Iko ndani