I happen to run an illicit chang'aa den in Embakasi but

Bn away to counter check on progres vs law makers (aka police). Apparently hudai 100, kila jioni wakipitia. But alternatively the’ll demand 50 bod if either of them.( as in they walk in 2packs) have/ demand a dry fry with ur employees. Anybody who’s had such?

Unasema nini wewe ?

100 ni kidogo iko wenye hudai zaidi.ka wanadai dry fry then hire slightly older women mama mboga type, it will turn them off.

Your point?

Funga hiyo chang’a den, fungus brothel.


Brothel Embakasi? Hiyo ni kama kuchota maji ukimwaga indian ocean

these hungry hyenas neva get satisfied…i closed my liquer den at kasarani…i was sick tired of paying them off

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at first i thought so…until they started raiding my den and arresting patrons…charges:drunk and disorderly.
Any1in this business can confirm its a dirty one…though legit its treated just like prostitution.Lazima OCS akule…nkt


@ol monk unasahau huku ni kenya, hata uchukue kila permit na license they will find a way of squeezing your balls

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Kijana unauza changaa na unajitangaza hapa?

Kwani hataki Kitunguu inuke kwa police line?