I had to quit Dating sites. Introverts Only!

When you first open an account in a dating/chatting/flirting site, popular with Kenyans, what you would expect is to get tons of single women. This is not the case nowadays. I have been observing the trend and what I have noticed is that there is too much prostitution, desperate single mums, and con-women.

Now I have decided to go face to face with the larger community, the world. This new experience is thrilling and exciting, not for the faint-hearted, who can easily be influenced by rejection. Would you have made such a decision? What is your view on men-women online dating?


I tried tagged recently out of curiosity. Met three women within one week. All of them turned out to be prostitutes. ALL. Let me stick to my girlfriends, not whores.


Tinder, Fb, instagram etc


Malaya ndio wako wengi izo sites. Hard to get any genuine date.


Prostitutes are everywhere,you will notice ones who are hardcore by the excess badly put on make up and hood rat trashy outfit,Some normal looking ones are low key prostitutes, Ukitaka dame enda Tinder, get their name and drop a DM in their instagram


I have never been on a dating site. Not unless one is too busy to meet random females or too weak to to throw the grains, I don see their purpose. Why should I vibe a virtual being wakati wanawake wanatembea uchi every other minute…Mimi kwanza nione live live ninachokihemea. Kwangu izo sites ni upussss!


Insta, tinder and fb…tinder nilimatch a lady on a Friday evening, I jokingly asked her to come over akasema sawa. That’s the quickest lay I’ve ever gotten and no, she was not a lanye.


Siku hizi tunategemea hookups za terekram

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Hamuendangi kanisa ama stage kutafuta?

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:D:Dwale nao ni mapoko

Si una bargain, unalipa, unamwaga, una experience PNC alafu unendelea na maisha


Telegram apana, hao ni equivalent ya kwenda SJ ama K-street. Sigwes

Sometimes unapeana super like mbaya sana as coasterian won’t lie tinder has put my hitlist on point had I nafeel me ndo gigolo but also.kuna vitu zingine hazimake sense how they are on tinder
This is a shemale of some kind cuz no way that is a bitch


Superlikes zangu haijai kua successful:D:D

[ATTACH=full]126776[/ATTACH]Hii nlipata kwa site flani…baada ya kukamua kila site naingia nampata huko with a different name hapo ndo nlijua sijui…

:D:Dufisi kila mahali.uko na wife,mpango wa kando,single mother na bado unatafuta kuma online.nani alituroga


Spot on

Thought it would be easier and found out kama siwezi in person online pia ni shida.

long time ago I met a chic on Miibo. Didn’t manage to shag her but We are still friends hadi Wa leo.

Leta hekaya…ulikamua wote watatu??