I had a dream

Indeed, that mwikamba mjinga illiterate @KuwaitBabe walked in on me and @TrumanCapote. All it(@KuwaitBabe) could see was my big black nuts hanging out of @TrumanCapote’s big black ashy ndiasa
and my ass going all the way to ceiling as I was pumping but the crazy thing is that shuma ilikuwa mre ndani and she couldn’t get enough of it while this song was playing in the background


Ndiasa ya @TrumanCapote inakaa kuwa mgumu kama sandpaper. Can’t waste my good time on old wrinkled ass ya maraya muzee
@KuwaitBabe ni soft meat

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Nishawai kula @KuwaitBabe dry fry pale sharjaa after alipiga all her 12 room mates exile.


Alikuwa mtight? Ama ni bore hole ingine?

@KuwaitBabe ulikataa nikuoe …ningekuwa nakuprotect from all this
You made your bed now you must lay on it