i guess this sums it up..

  • Former
    Prime Minister, Raila Odinga’s ex
    adviser, Ngunjiri Wambugu, has
    said Kenyans can no longer trust
    former Prime Minister, Raila
    Odinga with the
    Presidency following Thursday’s
    incident at Orange House where
    he unleashed his goons to beat
    up ODM Executive Director,
    Magerer Langat, for saying he is
    too old to contest in the 2017
    Presidential Elections.
    In his social media account on
    Thursday, Ngunjiri, who is the
    founder of Change Associates, said
    Thursday’s incident shows clearly
    that Raila has failed to manage
    his own party.
    “Raila Odinga has failed to run
    his own party, how can we trust
    him with a country?” Ngunjiri
    asked adding that Raila would kill
    all those who oppose him if he
    becomes the President of Kenya.
    He also said he refused to believe
    that Raila Odinga knew nothing
    about Magerer’s ejection from
    CORD’s Parliamentary Group
    Meeting on Thursday.
    Ngunjiri concluded by saying next
    in line to be humiliated by Raila’s
    “Men in Black” is Kalonzo
    Musyoka, who is another turncoat
    in ODM.