I Got Denied Entry to Dubai For Being Nigerian


I Got Denied Entry to Dubai For Being Nigerian

Thr green passport always raises suspicion everywhere

When dealing with a Nigerian you better double down on your guard. I hate that am preaching prejudice, but there are far too many examples of people who’ve been taught lessons by being complacent with Nigerians.

Mbona wanaitaga nchi yao Nainjiria? Anyway,some nigerians both male and females,bila stereotyping, are like a bad rash,kunyimwa visa inakuaga normal bila reason

Nigerians need to reflect on their behavior everywhere. They are not discriminated for nothing. Feel sorry for the innocent who are dragged down by their fellow country people

Wakenya if you’re not careful by tolerating criminal behaviour in your country and rewarding criminals with higher up positions in your country you’ll find yourselves in the same boat

Its common knowlege. If 4 of the first 5 germans that came to our local village were conmen, thieves, drug dealers and scammers, the community would judge Germans as bad people. It wouldn’t matter wether the next 50 germans were genuine evryone would look at them differently.
Your ambassadors are very important in life. Take the Nigerians for example, in Canada they are regarded so highly because those that preceded were doctors and professionals of high repute. That, however can’t be said about the other countries they visit.
Hapa Kenya I hear any Nigerian accent and my senses go up 1000% because of the xter development I’ve witnessed.

Kuna conference tulienda Hilton and after that was an afterparte at Osteria/CasaB Hurlingum.
I tell you those Naijas (it was a Discorp event) stole our women (Kenyan) and fuackid them.Kwa hiyo Pool ya Hilton tuliona manenos, even the Management hawangeongea.
Only the jungus weren’t interested and we got our share too.(first n only time nililala Hilton) with a fine Canadian BBW who left me with 200 dorras.
In other words, wadau, I was paid for D.