i give it up for kenyans....creativity yetu iko juuuuuuuyest

this morning,a neighbor of mine was moving out and he had some financial crisis,so the dude approaches me with a deal…whatever he sold to me is worth kitu 26k,he asked for 10k…good deal…i had like 7k,but matumizi ya weekend nayo???,i could only spare 5k,i asked my kamwisugha,she gave me 2k,now i had 7,who will i call for the top up???the guy asked me,“how many bonga points do u have”?..i said 8k…he gave a a certain number ,i protested since i was not willing to sell them…and the dude explains to me that there is a guy who takes bonga points as security, and you repay the loan in 15 days…at 10%…i cant believe it…within minutes,i had 2k in my phone,i went to our kiosk asked for 1k and thats it…10k…and i got what i wanted…keep it up Kenyans,another reason to be proudly kenyan

yours wonderful wondering wonder.

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hiyo ya bonga points kama loan security ni kali…creativity at its best

akili ni kipawa kweli

[ATTACH=full]1694[/ATTACH] Creativity kando, ambia jamaa wa kiosk atafakari haya…


Weka number ya jamaa wa bonga points I take a loan also. Thanks

Weka no usaidie yatima wenzako omwami.

hakuna mtu hananga kiosk ya hapo kwao…unless unye

i hope sitavunja sheria za kijiji???

Weka no kwa [email protected]

thats the guys number,he also gave permission to share it out…[ATTACH=full]1700[/ATTACH]



Unye ni nini? Anyway, Asante.

Very creative. I will copy his idea and launch it here next month at a good rate.

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Creative indeed, the micro loans business is booming kama mshwari imepata 2 million users.this is a brilliant idea.

hahahahahaha unye si wewe Unye ni uhuru Kenyatta

I know it’s not me. UK namjua Uhunyee. You have taught me a new one.

According to business Daily, mshwari has 10m customers with an average of 50k loans daily

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i like that