I don't understand how you can making 6-7 figures a month and still fuck cheap hoes at SJ

Just thought of this after the post on politicians in SJ. I only do it coz my life took a downhill turn na sikufanikiwa kipesa. If I made money that kinda money i’d be importing bitches from the carribeans…Nicki and cardi b’s cousins:D:D

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If wishes were donkeys, @sludgist would nut every night


Mambo ya coomer haibagui cheo au masomo.

Kila mtu anajua high end lanyes mchana wako luthuli so hakuna haja ya kuchoma pesa mzee


@MiloAbraham + @Cross Fire =filthy @vermin

Once you insert, the same feeling you will get from those imported coochiez is the same feeling you will get from SJ so why waste all that cash?

Those imports could be from SJ ya huko you know…