I don't mean to preach.: But Apparently it's "God's plan!. ".......

Unlike all of my other baby-mommas, my last baby-momma has always been the one that I could Never really get rid of!..

Ok, she bore me two. A boy and a girl!
I say my last, but numerically speaking, she carried two kids for me who were born in between another from a different woman!

And then she found out that I had sired another by a Kenyan woman while we were on a “break”!
She is from the South of Africa and she didn’t take it too kindly because as she says, I betrayed her innocence!.. kikikikkkk…

Anyway, that is the least of my problems!

When she found out that I had cheated on her, she started acting really weird overcome with jealousy and issues and a year or so ago, we broke up.
She refused me access to our kids and started brainwashing them as to what a monster I was.
She knew how attached I was to our kids So I knew that she was just manipulating me using the kids and as much as I wanted to sue her for access, All my female relatives advised me against it and they all promised that as much as it hurt, I should let her be, keep up with maintenance and other payments and just pray and keep the Faith that one day God will touch her soul and change her conscience.

Mimi, for the last year sijaona my two kids but I kept the Faith in my Creator.
But I have also threatened her with court proceedings although I could never bring myself to take her to court because we come too far it makes me feel like a Snitch!!!
I have prayed for the health of my boy and girl, their mum, and everything that happens to them.
I have also avoided contacting her Incase she uses it against me.

I have to say that a whole year on, my Patience has finally paid off!

Jana usiku I was just doing my thing with the thought of my two long lost kids on my mind and then just out of the blue, I get a Text from her!

“If you want to see your kids, we could start this weekend. Come and pick them up in the morning for three hours and we will take it from there”…
So, as much as I was tired from working all night, nikasema hakuna shida and I scooped them first thing in the morning.

I am as tired as a dog but I just had the best day of my life!
And just when I thought that their mum had poisoned my kids against me, my teenage son hooks up his tablet to my apparently android TV and he tells me to listen to this guy called Drake!!..


Okay, now get back with her and stop narrating your love life problems to us.

Bitch needs you with the kids while another guy gets them cobwebs safishwad.

Awesome Bro. I know how hard it is out here. Pls seize the opportunity and grab what you have now- precious time with your kids whenever you can. KB you are an awesome Dad and your kids will thank you for it in years to come. Ignore what you may read here as some folk are what they call themselves Dads huko NBO but in reality they are never there. It is Mummy and mboch riding out the storm.

Awwww bless you all. She prolly has met a man that has drummed sense into her head as in the kids need to see Dad. Tigana nake just pick the kids bro and return them back to her safe and healthy.

Word: pls take piks of when you pick them up and when you return them to Mum. These SA women are crazy. They remind me of Akataas.

xxx Sis

Everything is God’s plan.

So what is more important. Seeing your kids or feeling like a snitch. 1 year without seeing your kids is a very long time.