I don't get it..

what’s with madem na kubeba souvenirs from a guys house. It has happened to me before especially shirts Ati Atakuwa ananikumbuka nayo. WTF na ukimshow Ati hiyo ni mzee Ati umbuyie mpya hataki. Sasa kengine jana akachukua my watch,it’s one of my prized possessions… I just had to tell her huendi nayo. mtu akakatch akaanza kusema eti hata watch ya soo mbili… the fact that watch ni plastic haimaanishi ni cheap.Btw it is a swatch gran turismo red brakes going for around 8k.

hehehehehe, what kind of women do you bring back to your pad


Learn to pay for services upfront preferably the night before


That’s a lot of bullcrap, Its important to set clear boundaries, !!! mwambie achukue socks ama pegs atakumbuka akianika nguo.


Hio ni wizi sio stori na souvenir

tumejua uko na saa ya 8k

mpatie ball,she’ll never forget you,lakini picha ya iyo expensive plastic watch


vile @Davidee amesema

. I think they live the scents. Mostly watachukua zile umevaa na hujaosha

Let me guess? It’s from 200k hivi? Then I see 8k? Hapo umemisuse ‘prized possessions’…

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Siku hizi men rarely spend such huge lumpsum on wrist watches so yes its prized


Atleast it’s from my hard earned cash, I can afford to say that unlike ya 200k na ni from a sponsor.

Hello villagers, kindly can someone clear the air about the word “prized possession”…from my understanding it’s anything with even with the least monetary value but you have some attached to it… it can be a hand me down gift… but it’s dear to you. @ Female Perspective… from your comment I can tell you are very materialistic…


prized possession or not wachana na mapoko, also used to experience it but had to put my foot down

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Thanks…I should have put "even with least monetary value "in brackets… my intention was not to insinuate it has to be bought… that’s why I used anything.

Haya! My sincere apologies…

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hehehe kwani wewe huwaonyesha meno wakichukua, sema tu hapana hiyo huchukui na uendelee na story zingine akileta nyef nyef wacha atembee

the worst is when you sleep at “hers” and she insists you leave your shirt or tshirt cause she likes your smell, na saa hio unajua hautawai rudi

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