I do not believe there is a god or any gods,personal or in nature,or manifesting himself,herself or itself in any way.i do not believe there is such a thing as heaven,or hell,or perdition,or purgatory,or any other stages in between.i do not believe there is any life after death.I do not believe in miracles.

I do not believe in angles.I do not believe in prophets and i do not accept any religious book of any kind,be it the bible,Koran,torah,Veda, Upanishads or anything else in any age in the history of man.

I do not believe in the efficacy of prayers.

I believe that, as adults, we must accept the fact that this is silly.These ancient ideas are silly and we no longer need to cling on them.Some of these beliefs are an insult to humanity.They are an insult to our intelligence,to our common sense,and to our own experience which we have gained from living.



chiel wie oke,jowi jamwomo.urs?

Me I believe in angles.


my deity, my choice or none at all

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Faith in anything is a bad idea. The level of confidence must be based on evidence.


i get ur point

I’ll believe there’s a god/gods/God when I’ll get proof of his/her/their existence


Dated a free thinker few years back.best sex in my life.still wank to those memories


The west and East bestowed their respective beliefs on us only to coerce our forefathers into slavery and neoslavery… what happened to our beliefs? Does this mean that Africans did not have their own deities? This is utter bulshit being used to extort from the unsuspecting masses and a shame to humanity too!

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The west and East bestowed their respective beliefs on us only to coerce our forefathers into slavery and neoslavery… what happened to our beliefs? Does this mean that Africans did not have their own deities? The new religion is utter bulshit being used to extort from the unsuspecting masses and a shame to humanity too!


same here and very interesting conversations too you can talk the whole day

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You!!! Right there… You are the best proof that he exists. Take your time & think about it…Just THINK.

One of this fine days you will testify to his existence. God bless you freethinker!!!

That’s the beauty of free will from God. He allowed people to have it so that they can be able to express themselves like you did up there. Any vitriol you spout on any given day will never change the course that was set from the beginning of time.

The truth will always remain steadfast and will never change. Many men/women have come before you with the same kind of twisted and free thinking that you possess, but the TRUTH has always prevailed. Ole wao!! Where they are now? That’s a story for another day. The prayers that you despise so much, let them not be the ones that you will be craving for in your time of need or on your deathbed.

I’m yet to come across any evidence that suggests that God does not exist. Your heart has been hardened and reconditioned to a point that none of what I have typed here makes sense to you…smell the roses while you are still alive…just remember that God exists to bring glory to Himself so that all of His creation may know Him. May the Lord thy God have mercy on you (mortal freethinker).

For a self declared atheist like you, I will give you the benefit of doubt. You have always had the faith in all the things that you do or expect from others or even the surroundings. You just did not know about it. Probably you may have defined it by some other term that only made sense to you :D:D:D.
There is no correlation between the level of confidence vis a vis evidence.

No I never have faith in anything. If I am going to meet someone, I expect they will turn up, but logically, that cannot be guaranteed. Anything can happen in between. And there are reasons for my expectations.

I’m guessing the implication in this part is that they died because of their ‘twisted freethinking’, right?
But them again the statement can be turned around to show that you are implying everyone else without this ‘twisted freethinking’ is alive and doing just peachy…

This part seems to be a rehash of the ‘No atheists in Foxholes’ argument. That’s not really a good argument. Also it seems rather presumptuous to claim to know what a stranger is/will be thinking.

I really don’t think that’s the way evidence works. You’re supposed to look for evidence that something exists. Looking for evidence that something doesn’t exist seems rather pointless. If an atheist looks for evidence of God’s existence and doesn’t find any, it’s not really a valid rebuttal to ask them to provide you with counter-evidence for God’s non-existence.

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Free thinking is simply like exploring, explorers were considered nutjobs for thinking that there wasn’t anything beyond what was known. Then we started finding out new things untill today. The world was considered flat hizo siku za Plato na Archimedes na wale walisema ati the earth wasn’t flat got prejudiced/killed/etc done to them. Now we see the earth is actually round and etc’s. Siendi into details coz hizi vitu ziko internet. Look it up. Freethinkers since the first day were hated since they looked at things from a different point of view that others couldn’t see or understand untill they had to be explained or shown.

IF God gave us free will then we are free to do as we wish, and that is an expression of the FREE WILL yenye tulipatiwa. Plus as a mentor of mine once said, ‘If we’re all created in God’s image, then we’re naturally gods by nature. But since everyone is a ‘god’ since we’re created in His image then we’re simply individuals since we’re cut from the same fabric.(The fabric being God)’. Freethinkers simply want to find new ways to look at things and find new answers for things that puzzle them. Plus for personal satisfaction of their ambitions that others wouldn’t understand.

Besides there are freethinkers who decided they want to find God personally without having to endure religion along with it.:smiley:

Believers always think that everyone is doomed apart from themselves. Thats egocentric, but, anyway, its human nature.
Why would you need a god when you are dying. To extend life or what? Its very difficult for the believing to imagine how you dont fear the big invisible alpha male up there.
And again, for the dumb “prove threre is no god” people, refer them to russels cosmic teapot. Let them prove there is no dragon in my garage