I deliver a message from village legend Notapeoplesguy...Also petition to reinstate all handles banned by Purple(I spit every time i utter her name)

Kama hujui legend Notapeoplesguy apana tambua wewe.The guy was well known in these streets until he 1 day suddenly malaysiad.He’s given me a message to pass to @administrator ,he says he got banned indefinitely for having a mere altercation with Purple.Arudishiwe hundle as the prosecutor is no longer part of this organization and hence all her cases should be dropped with immediate effect.To be fair Purple would start stupid argument then ban anyone who argued with her on a heated discussion.Not fair at all.

Well i met up with him and the guy is doing quite well, for these who think we the same person nope we really not. People were assuming that so much till we decided to meet and get to know each other.Cool guy.

While at it @admin rudisha @Wakanyama @Jirani and all the fun handles whose departure has made this village slumber. Safisha mecho irudi pia.

Admin wa hii village hawajali maslahi yetu join in the revolution

Panyaste’s next episode be like
“Madphilosoper came out running with the speed of a cheetah clutching his falling trouser with notapeoplesguy in hot pursuit”

ALL HANDLES BANNED BY PURPLE UGLY REGIME TO BE REINSTATED. Wazee kijiji pris ingilieni hii maneno @Meria Mata support the movement.That woman almost run the village to the ground.We have to reverse all her ugly effects.Tafadhali @administrator do the necessary, we talkers literally earn you money.Heshimu sisi tafadhali .Bring bavk @Notapeoplesguy and all other handles banned by Purple.

Like we care.

Chunga sana bwana philosopher, serikali ya ktalk iko na mkono mrefu sana.

Bring back @nairobilay cc @Mrs Shosho


I miss my NairobiLay dude so much. I keep telling myself I will call him today but I don’t. People love space sometimes. But I do miss him v much…

If the handle owners want them reinstated, I can talk to @administrator though the fact is they created new handles and moved on…

Tafadhali reinstate the handles mzito.The persona that came with these handles was unique in it’s own way…It’s never the same without the genuine handles.Like seriously people were getting banned for merely calling Purple stupid, whenever it reached that time of the month for her 10 talkers would get malaysiad.

Ara! @Purple IS a stupid redneck with excessive melanin.

Reinstate ya mama saitan, recall jazzman na unicorn pia.

Notapeoplesguy issa legend manze…nimemiss kumtukana hapa kila thread yake:D

Rudisha pia @ngo’mbe


Village gay unacheka nn

@Purple is angry because she can’t have a big penis like me.

Uliza mamako tulikuwa na yeye umbwa koko ii