I Can't Stop Listening to This Song...

A month later still rocking to What About Us…


Don’t ask me what kind of music this is, – I really don’t know. But like everything these days it’s fused with some kind of Electronic music.

I feel like Electronic music is one of those things that everyone knows everything about but no one really knows anything about, you hear me? You call something electro and someone jumps out of the shadows and says “Bitch please! It’s Trance!”… “Naa, it’s World Dance…” “FOH It’s clearly Deep House!” “Hahaha it’s Electronica bitcheee…” “Cosmic, man. It’s Cosmic Music!” Who gives a sheet. Like we got some genres with only one artist under it, TF!

Anyways, a thread below, about interview flip up, remided me of this scene from Scrubs.


[I]Good Afternoon

PS: Beautiful Trauma is out on Oct 13, the same week the scarlet speedster returns for Sn 4. A lot of things is crackin’…[/I]


This I guess would fall under soft rock

Forgot i should get album this Mama has the best female discography…it feels like a museum of expressive music

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It used to be that easy. But as long as the music is good, right? Yeah.

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100% agree.
Two of the best in a track…


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Been on too much hiphop…DAMN. is the culprit for missing such gems why din you put such shit in @Deorro edm thread
maybe am high but their voices together was perfect and the lyrics…fucking genuis

Hehe. I don’t know what EDM(Electronic Dance Music) is! I here people throw the word here and there but I can’t listen to a track and conclude whether is is EDM or not.

I call all of em electro…like the o.g Electronic music so when i say edm …i mean electro

hmmmmmm, not really

It’s easy differentiating electronic music genres

hardstyle has higher BPM like 150+
Trance has 120 and is kinda melodic
the main house genres like electro, bigroom, progressive, deep, future and tropical are easy too, shida iko kwa akina acid, monbhaton, electroswing hizo huwa si as popular as other gebres so only a few know about them

here is a popular electro swing used by KCB in their advert


Trap, dubstep, drum and bass too ain’t hard to know or Tecno too

Nimesoma hii thread nikaanza kujikuna. Sitasema ni ngaay lakini ni hapo karibu

Too wisdom. Such clever. Tell us more; we all care very deeply about what you think.

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love this song…teenage dirt bag


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also this one…


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