I cant handle a rejection

What do you do when you take a move on a girl na anakuturn down?..mimi I usually draw the line and classify her as enemy number one…I know it’s very wrong but that’s what Iam. I never take rejections lightly and that’s why I’d rather not make the move than get rejected

Just don’t shoka someone’s daughter. Kuna kama 3 billion eligible womenz kwa hii dunia

Fanya vile tulikuwa tunafanya 96 nikiwa class six .

Dem akikulenga rusha matusi like umbwa ghassia takataka. Then rudi home uwank ulale

You take it too serious beta male. Hit on women for fun and lie to them. It’s a skill.

Don’t fret, you are not alone.
You have come to the right place.
There is a lot of men like you here and they belong to a group called MGTOW.
Their chairman is called @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii and they meet every evening at Sabina Joy.
All the best!..

Lakini hiyo utoto bado haijapotea.

How do u feel now that u wasted a huge chunk of your prime and potential with washed up women? U are now deep in your 40s with nothing to show for it apart from a miserable and average existence.

Imagine ungekua a childless basheraa saa hii, ungekuwa Reunion island ukicheza golf my friend while sipping single malt scotch. Sabina joy ni ya wajinga kama nyinyi na @uwesmake

Discovered lazima visa application ya haka ka-place ipitie motherland kule kwa Macron yet iko Africa geographically nikasema ata heri Rusinga Island

Betamale @Murang’a wanawake ni wengi saana like a matatu…you miss one dozens waiting in line

Halafu the moment a woman knows you fear her leaving manze atakuona shitt ,atakusumbua saaana ,constantly testing your limit

A woman who rejects your approaches is not trying to hurt you. She is exercising her best judgement. No problem.

The problem comes in later when she starts asking for favours from you. Dem akikulenga kubali tu. But asikuje kudoea favours za aina yoyote kwako. If she does, do something very silly mpaka akuchukie tu kweli kweli.

  1. Most kenyatalk “alpha males” boast of a 109% success rate. :D…huku ni utopia where nobody faces rejection.

  2. Mimi dame akiniturn down I just move on swiftly. Used to happen more often in the past than nowadays. Huu mwaka kuna celeb nilijaribu kukatia she took me in circles.

Weak nigga problems, can’t relate. You place women on such a high pedestal that you let them define your life. To you, getting accepted by a woman is an accomplishment like hitting a business revenue target or buying a dream car, that’s why you get so angry after a rejection. Piece of advice, women can smell desperation from miles away. They probably reject you because you reek of desperation from every pore. Change your mindset, focus on your development, and start living in abundance. Women should be a by-product of your accomplishments, not your accomplishments.

Yes, it is a French Overseas territory, but totally worth the hassle

If you don’t like rejection, then approach women who already like you, kwani uko na miaka ngapi kijana?

Baba, why are so wise lakini? Please write a book and charge 1500/- per copy, i will buy 50 copies and distribute them hapo globe cinema round about. Spot on!

Beta male problems can’t relate…tafuta pesa and get your shit together ,you will become the chased not the chaser,sawa my fren

Even business proposals are rejected and we move to the next, what is a woman anyway to cause anything to me by simply rejecting me only to try hard to get my attention later?

Does age really matter,there are sponsors old as 70yrs ama the SQs go for money

I am so used to it, that I forget immediately that I have been rejected sometimes I hit on the same woman multiple times. I am not a creepy stalker.

I just might write a book and sell on Amazon man.