I can never date a broke man

Gotta love Luo women. Nawapenda sana. Kwanza that laughter. Tell them Jaber. Luo women are the ish.


:D:D:D:D:D, I can never date a land whale…huyu Ni pump and dump Kama Niko mreffi Kuliko ichaweri 1

Mimi kama reach husband, siwezi date Makena.

i am not a rich man but i have over seven digit bank account but i cannot date you Makena

Only women who’s life is in shambles look for rich pushovers to save them from their pathetic existence. Organised ladies look for sexy alpha males to ferk them silly.

Neither can I date a broke woman.

Am a very disappointed man this evening.
This kamba kunguru has been sending me very sexy and enticing pics of herself mpaka nikasema baas, hii tosha, mid sized with meat in all the right places.
Tumepanga date dame kufika ni land whale sura tu ndio imebaki.
Sijawahi katsika hivyo.
I had to feign I have received an emergency call to get rid of her.
Women should learn not to lie about their size, shape and figure.
The photos she was sending must have been from over 6 years ago.

Pole kaka

I also can’t date a woman who:

  1. Is educated below college level
  2. Doesn’t earn at least 50k per month regularly.
    3.Thinks men are walking banks.
    4.Is above 25 and still lives with parents.
    *Sikuja hii dunia kulea watu wazima

One of the big risks of dating esp in Nairobi is meeting a financially strained bitch with a high sense of entitlement looking for a man
to be a bridge,

Peeps still date kwani? watu ni wakulane na wazidi na life yao polepole bila kusumbuana

I cannot date a woman who is not of my social class, as in born upper middle class or upper class, which clearly you are not.

I get the impression that you are in the fertile phase of your cycle.:slight_smile:

At times you need to take the role of a game warden. Ikikuja kubwa saaaana, you chew and cut links after that.

Ni vizuri kujikumbusha how the big five taste once in a while.

Mimi huwa mslender, so i love them big. Mifupa ndio sipendi sana.

She has a great attitude towards life and how to approach it. Guess it’s because she has struggled from the young age of 9 when she lost both her parents. Most would have given up. For people like these, there’s nowhere to go but up for in all their endeavors.

Siphrosa has self esteem