i call upon you noble houses lets fight the 6 night walkers ...

i call upon you house stark-gema
the lannisters-luhyas
house targaryen-the kalenjins
house bolton-wapwani

With his stupid accent, that clown Maranga has decided to throw this nation into disarray… BUT we shall shame him… We shall rally the GEMA and Kalenjin nation. The Luhya nation and the entire country to come out in large numbers and set things straight … As the Grand Muller has said, that is a decision made without wisdom…

n 60 days, kuumìra kuumìra…
They have touched the wrong pin…
70%+1 must be achieved this time round


Ati wrong decision!..c ungepeleka hiyo yeko right huko…brare chieth!


aluta con tinua…the struggle countinues…now i understand the jubilee logo

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am sorry i dnt converse with new villagers…earn your place first

Waluhya tuko NASWa

C lazima

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Wewe niluhya kweli au ni Kiluhya unajua?

Tukutane hapo nkubu tukunywe chai .