i broke the rules

Guys i know you had adviced me to man up and forget about the lady…so i applied that advice…i had gone for 2 days without even communicating but today i broke the rule and decided to send her a text asking her to give me another chance…she did not reply so im feeling a bit bad…what should i do now?

go to bed hug a pillow then cry yourself to sleep

accept and move on…talk to Uwesmake akupeleke green house utoe hasira.

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Kama hauna kitu ya kusema then shut your trap…

naona kuna mtu anatubeba utoi. if you just had to post “something” why not ask for advice on why you should eat cassava or another such useful thing? “She did not reply so im (sic) feeling bad.” A sisal rope in marikiti is just ten bob.


Go back to rule no 1. don’t break rules as advised by veterans (ever again):mad:, for now, and as you know, choices have consequences…sorry.

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Kwani umelazimishwa kusoma…peleka mcoondu mbali…

please change hiyo avatar yako Che Guevara was a MAN


When you come to this village for advice…utapata matusi, upus but if u sift through utapata advice (like u did) so its upon you to use it and gain or abuse it and feel the pain. Suppose u are given “another chance” you will kiss so much ass you will make the kissing bandit look like child’s play…Accept and move on…it wont kill you.

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Hapo umeshinda


You have the tiniest balls boss, the size of a pea, probably she realized that so akajiba shughuli. Tafuta ikus ingine and drown your sorrows in it.

Ino ni NGOMA :frowning:

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all i’m trying to say is man up

@Davidee sounds like a nice guy. I’d introduce you to my sister but I’m concerned mki kutwa na wezi utajificha nyuma yake. [ATTACH=full]3780[/ATTACH] che has no words


boss, unachekesha. milk yourself dry by wanking, hizo nyege zako za peni mbili ndizo shida. or dig a hole in ua mattress and screw it. na utachishe upus.

aaah now you have rewinded the clock to start all over again! you only had one more day and she would have been history, delete the number and keep yourself busy. its only a matter of time before we send you a consignment of tampons


She din’t reply coz she doesn’t care …don’t you fucking get that :mad:


I keep on telling myself that she feels the same and that she will get in touch sooner or later i dont know why but i just feel that she will come around…

good, whether she will come around or not, save your dignity, go on with life do you know how funny it is to receive a text from someone you have written off and even forgotten about but is still hanging on expecting you back?