I apologize to that Arsenal fan

Now that I’m a bit more rested, sober and have come to accept yesterday’s result in the Manchester derby, I would like to apologize to one Arsenal fan for what I did to him yesterday somewhere in town. I might have overreacted when you ran your mouth at me after our defeat. I think a slap would have been enough because I really don’t take bullshit. Let no one lie to you that football is not personal cos to me it is and I don’t need a better reason to smack the shit out of your mouth than when you run it in my face following a defeat to my beloved Man Utd. I especially can’t stand these stupid Arsenal fans who think that their ambitions match ours. Wameru hatupendi ujinga boss. Sorry to that stupid Arsenal fan for hitting you that hard.

Meanwhile Arsenal ladies kindly allow the Man Utd men to fuck you because your fellow Arsenal men can’t fuck shit!


Did all Meru dudes slap/beat up your victim alongside you?
Sort your priorities and manage your anger.

Don’t smack weak points then come brag here, jaribu sisi ujue hujui meffi wewe

With age you would realize that its an offense and you risked being jailed for that.
I was the roho juu type of guy na mahasira mob…learnt the hard way after getting arrested for attempted murder 15 yrs ago. Only when you sober up kwa cell ndio unajua how stupid your actions were.

Unachapa tulevi halafu unakuja kujipiga kifua.

We are compatible with Klopp’s boys only. tukiamua kukula nje. :rolleyes:

Response to the above replies:
[li]@uwesmake first of all ni mbwa si umbwa. Secondly you’ve said nothing[/li][li]@Alchemist I don’t have anger issues[/li][li]@Shamsudin stupid[/li][li]@masaku pole kwa masaibu yako. I understand your point.[/li][li]@WuTang stupid[/li][li]@pseudonym you really should aim higher[/li][/ol]

Aki boss wewe ni mjinga kusema kweli