I am struggling with Christianity

Good people. My faith has been dwindling very fast lately. I have always had my doubts about my Christian faith, mguu moja iko ndani mguu moja iko nje. I generally find most Christian beliefs very absurd and some are plain stupid; from creation to Jesus. What if Jesus was just in his 20s chilling, then one day he started preaching and proclaiming himself to be The One, then a few people laughed and others believed and now we are here. (The same concept as anyone here can just start ranting and campaigning and be elected in a political office).
I also don’t understand how we are God’s children (made in His image), and if you do good God loves you na ukikosa God will let you burn in eternal hell where you will burn slowly, piece by piece until you die. It doesnt make much sense. Think about it, would you burn your own child for any mistake, mtoto wako??


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Usijisumbue. Just live your life. Kama ukristo haikubambi try other religions, if that doesn’t work for you even @Atheismo yuko na kazi yake ni kutroll religion. Unaweza mjoin…


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Follow ur heart

Wachana na dini. Amini Mungu kwa roho yako.

There are always two choices… To believe or not to believe… Either way you “believe”… How often do you read the Bible and how much do you know about the Christian faith?? If you find it absurd then you are totally out, hakuna mguu uko ndani. Choose wisely.

NI kama kuinstall app ya Android kwa iPhone. Ni ngumu ifanye

in a similar situation tooo.before the white man came what used to happen in Africa ,saa will my great great grandfather be firewood in hell,I find Islam more genuine.nikama ntahamia huko

Kwa sababu ya 72 virgins instead of hell?

the best thing to do is live your life do what you feel is right and not bound by religion or fear of going to “hell” when jesus was spreading the gospel na huko middle east watu walikua australia US kenya na the likes wenye hawakufikiwa walienda hell wote? religion as we know it is a sham, who made the decision to omit some books from the bible? the the book of enoch was very clear on what was happening but someone decided not to publish it

Wewe ndio umeexplain vizuri. Many things just don’t add up in many religions, and now it’s even worse because organized religion has been monetized, it’s a sham. For now I only respect religion because of one thing, hope. If you meet people everyday, rich or poor, you realize it’s the religous hope that keeps them going. Life as we know it is suffering and everyone suffers, you toil so hard to achieve you desires then you die, very funny. The false/true hope of a better tomorrow is what makes me respect religion, otherwise without the promises many people would find life rather unbearable.

I generally don’t read the Bible, but I know enough about it. In my younger years we would be made to read the whole Bible from front page to last page kama storybook.

Religion is not necesarily a bad thing. The problem is the use of religion as a tool of opression/restriction. Most flawed laws have a basis in religious creed, some of which even Christ himself (if he was real) would rebel against.

Let me ask you, what do you think is the meaning of this statement attributed to Jesus? " give to Ceaser that which belongs to Ceaser"

Did Jesus mean that we should obey laws of the land regardless of what we truly believe in? Wouldn’t it be unchrist like for Christ himself to call for obedience of the laws of land yet he performed miracles which were contrary to law?

Allah sent Messengers to all societies and communities in different places and at different times:

[SIZE=5]“And for every nation is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, it will be judged between them in justice, and they will not be wronged” Qur’an (10:47)[/SIZE]

It is part of the justice of Allah that He has decreed that He will not punish anyone whom the call of the Prophets and Messengers did not reach, as He says in the Qur’an:

“And We never punish until We have sent a Messenger (to give warning) Qur’an (17:15)

May Allah guide you brother, you’re on the right track.

was here in 2006…guess where I am now

Can anyone explain why religious books have translations into most local languages…and that cannot be said of maths, science, social sciences, etc books? Screams mental colonization …just some dudes trying to sell/force their religion (read story) and culture to us.

Tell this to black assed village Niggers and they will ask you questions like “who will Bury you when you die” or “who will officiate your wedding”?

Try Islam, see how you find it.
Basic concept, we are all humans including Jesus and the prophets. God is the almighty and in control of everything, it’s him alone we worship and seek guidance from . We do not associate anyone with God, neither do we go through anyone to reach him.
Of course there are consequences for sin but god forgives those who seek for forgiveness in sincerity . Everyday is a learning day to better yourself .
Try Islam.