I am listening to Sam Fan Thomas

The first time I heard of San Fan Thomas was back high school when I happened to be where a form 3 guy was dancing to the tune of Oga, from a Sanyo radio cassette radio. Those were many years before youtube and Google. I still remember that boy gyrating to the beat and tune of Oga (the boy was a dancer). Those days, Si Ticha song by San Fan Thomas was played regularly by KBC radio. Thanks to youtube, I can go back in time to listen to the classics like the one below:


Typical collection

Who else is in that room with you as you gyrate your buttocks? Is it @uwesmake ?

Are you shaking your ass for bukusu @uwesmake ?

Conquer your demons sir, all the best


Noa is my favorite



Weh unaionea kwa mtandao…mi nikona radio cassete ya sam fan thomas ya my old man.

Good for you. I would like to have that as a sourvinour

Iko next to photo album ya familia…next time i switch my profile pic…nitaweka family photo ya from the 80s bell bottoms afros blocks and all.