I am forseeing dead malls in Nairobi Soon

I was perusing yesterday’s newspaper posted by @highschooler and saw there is another new mall called Spur in Ruiru.

I feel that these malls are just too many for a small city like Nairobi. Some of them I also notice have permanently “to let” sign boards. Also, nearly 3/4 of them do not qualify as malls based on the number of stores in them.

Check some of the malls that we have serving only 4 millions Nairobians.

  1. Syokimau mall
  2. Gateway mall
    3.Taj Mall
  3. Greenspan mall
    5.Galleria mall
    7.Sarit Centre
  4. The mall
    9.2 rivers
  5. Westgate mall
    11.Nakumatt Ukay
    12.Garden city
  6. Spur
  7. Yaya centre
  8. The Junction
  9. Mountain mall
  10. Masaai Mall- Rongai
  11. Village market
    20.The Point
    21.Ridgeways mall
    22.Greenhouse mall
    23.Prestige plaza
  12. Capital centre

You have forgotten juja city mall

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Taj Mall will be the first to die…after Equity Kuhamia opposite building, it now almost empty…Maybe they should change the name to ‘ghost mall’

Numbers5,7,10,12,13,15,16 stand a chance though.

Na there is a likely hood itaumwa na the new outering road. I find the architecture wanting, its comparable to the buildings in eastleigh


Kumbe highschooler anaokolea mpaka wasee wa 850k a month.

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The problem is not even the population but the purchasing power of those 4 million people.


:D:D:DYou can be anything you want on the Internet and pay yourself whatever amount you Want.

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Thika road is the biggest problem. TRM and Garden City are too close together. The replication of stores in the same vicinity is too much. Same problem with James Gichuru Rd. Having Junction, The Point and Lavington Mall in that short a distance will be disastrous. One will start turning into office blocks

Unaweza kuwa na foundation ya gorofa pia?

Umesahau shujaa mall hapo kayole, which is literally a ghost town, hata greenspan pia inaumia businesses are setting up shop and closing in less than 3 months…its tough for them.


Umesahau kenyatta market mall na city market, toi market

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Not forgetting there is Mountain Mall just opposite Garden City.

malls along thika road cannot die,that region is just too populated,parking za mountain mall,trm na garden city are full throughout,ukiingia ndani hata mchana counter kuna lines mrefu,you have to queue for almost 10 mins just to buy a six pack


Iyo Taj mall is a joke. 2nd floor yote is about 80% empty

Hujawai sahau? Nilikuwa naenjoi watu. Toa zero moja utakuwa almost close

True that

The alarming rate and which Nairobians are siring makes it an even ground. As long as you have what some people want, you will always thrive …

the traffic jam jioni kwa hiyo barabara is a mess,the number of middle class in that area has more than doubled in the recent past,pesa yao will make those mall investors billions

Taj Mall will probably survive demolition. The pipeline passes on its side of the road, so expansion of Outering Rd will be done on the opposite side

Naona umejoin @uwesmake, congratulations bro for seeing the light.