I am fine by that

I may never have kids, and I am fine by that.

As years go by, Its getting bleaker, and I am okay by being the only self-commemorating thing on earth …I go, I am gone.

So I never have photos online …I destroy any pic I find with me in it

I want when I am gone… Nothing of me remains

That I fade as the memories in people’s minds.

A- in '94

Why? Ama you are sterile?

If not, and you have some resources to move around, go to a small town and sow some wild oats usitoke mkono mtupu.

Men don’t have expiry dates.

I can’t biologically have them

If I make it to 60, after a decade hivi, I wanna settle in some remote European town… Italy or Greece …or Nothern Ireland …and watch me wilt away

Iza man. Do the second best thing. Stack money to the ceiling, fuak a bunch of bad bitchez, smoke some cigars, and go out with a blaze like a G.

Iza for what… I am fine by that… wanna die in some rural sea side town in Europe

Kwa hivo wewe na ndindi Nyoro ni same Whatsapp group…
Pity you won’t spread those A- genes about

Too much self-polination or what?

I have a question. Why do Cushites have shitty hygiene? You fakaz eat from the same tray with filthy hands.

Slave, mind your status

I can have kids, but am not interested. It’s not what it is made out to be. Never mind the crowds, 99 % are sheep who mindlessly follow the norms they found. I too think I will retire to some old people’s home, egal whether Africa/Europe/Asia, to live out my dying days. Hopefully when I’m well past 80 years.

You sound like you have clinical depression, good idea you see a shrink ASAP

So where will all the money you are making now end up? Hizo ghorofa zote na mashamba

Old peoples homes are not cheap

Pole boss. You sound depressed

I honestly couldn’t care less. At the moment, my will says one thing. When I’m 80 it will probably say something else. Whatever felt right before I pass on, so be it.

Niaje Ndindi Nyoro

For a conscious creature, aka human beings, existence is more trouble than it’s worth. There is nothing to mourn about childlessness.

I think you underestimate the amount of racism Neanderthals have towards Boranas like you. Jenga mansion Mombasa kwa beach and thank me later. You can travel to Europe but I doubt you will want to live in a white majority country as an old, black, single man. At that age and those circumstances, the risk is probably not worth it.

Italians wanakuja kuishi Malindi wakizeeka na wewe unapeleka mcoondu kwao…that’s something only a D- would do.

Whether you decide to have children or not is a moot point. You think you’re in control of giving life? These things were decided long ago, you are just a vessel to be used. Souls must find a body to inhabit so someone else will birth them.