So today i gave up and took the step to seek help i had taken three days of insomnia without a single hour sleep. Moreso i think my sudden interest in trap music has worsened my depression. All this time i spent in bed just turning thinking with low mood. The last 2 years have not been easy for me last year i lost 3 people close to me due to cancer this year 4 more to covid. It has taken a toll on me. Forgive my outbursts and rants here.

I never thought id be on the other side of the consultation room. I hope ill get over the delusions and light phobias. I just dont want to touch the morphine vial but i can see it calling

I just need a way out of this feeling

It gets better.

Pole sana. It is an illness like any other only that this one manifests itself in the brain then of course affects all areas of our life. Can you talk to somebody close? or at least see a good counselor?Please go easy on yourself and don’t rush it. Gentle work outs and a healthy diet help too and of course sometime off work if possible or working reduced hrs. Don’t know how this will work in Kenya with the recent crisis with the Drs and nurses.
Bereavement is real and you must allow yourself to grieve.
God speed.

Instead of trap music, try gospel music. I don’t know whether you are a christian but am assuming that you are… there is a demon known as the spirit of depression… it has a smell, that smell is known as depression… when it comes to you, the feeling of depression overwhelms you because that what oozes out-of this evil spirit of depression… so next time when this feeling starts building up, speak to this evil spirit (it hears, reasons and its alive only that you can’t see it but it can see you and hear you). Say to it, spirit of depression/oppression, i know that you are here and you can hear me! I command you to leave my presence in the name of Jesus! I evacuate, expel and cast you out of me and my radar in the name of Jesus!! May the peace of God be upon me now in jesus name!! Then give it 5 mins and your joy will return!! Alafu juu these demons are stubborn, it will definitely attempt to come back…whenever that low feeling starts hitting you, say the same words mpaka one day you will realize it has gone forever… sometimes the demon of depression works together with the spirit of fear and anxiety… speak to them the same words and see what happens…

Nimeachia hapo kwa trap music. This is a typical post teenage crisis,late night sleep and waking up mid afternoon

hii trap music ni kama inapendwa sana na beta males wa depression anza kuskiza heavy metal brain itachangamka ushanngae

Dm me

No better way to put it. Oppression, depression are all works of devil, rebuke the spirit in the name of Jesus

Well done for recognising and accepting your problem. The next step is to get support from family, friends or a professional. Meanwhile try gentle exercise and mindfulness. Be kind to yourself… It will get better.

Seek professional help bro. All will be well.

Find something do,exhaust yourself mawazo yakutoke

Wow! Didn’t know this village of mad men has such motherly sisters. Thank you for bringing softness to this hard life

The problem is your mind and thoughts. You are giving your mind different perspectives from the reality.
The book, Meditations by Marcus Aurelio is always my reference.

Welcome to stoicism.

Siku utaanza kuskiza Rhumba ! Usikize Madilu, Usikize Papa Wemba Usikize Le Grand Mopao Mokonzi, Usikize Mbilia Bel etc utakua ngangari.

Pole sana. It has been a tough year for everyone, the mental battles especially. Go easy on yourself, look, you’re about to witness the end of this tumultuous year whereas millions cannot say the same. Hang in there! For now, please take an antihistamine and rest your mind. God bless you.

Hebrews 4: 15 For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin.

Pole Sana doctor. Seek help from a psychiatrist and also talk to someone especially a fellow man who is close to you. Don’t close yourself up or attempt to sink into alcohol or drugs. Also pray a lot if you are a believer. You will recover with time.

Pink handles wametokelezea. Kumbe these ghasias are always here ni kukunja huwa wamekunja mikia :D. “Maternal instincts” kicked in big-time. Women are suckers for emotional posts…though there is nothing wrong with that.

Doktari, si you earn good chumz. Tafuta yellow yellow uende staycation in one of the hotels in the city. It’s therapeutic. Thank me and the yellow yellow later. A man’s cure for depression is good food, good experiences (a jump in the pool, limited edition liquor, karaoke, whatever rocks your boat), and good new pussy (sio khupipi). Stop wasting time and money on the-rapists.

Never seek help from a psychiatrist, it was a scam profession created by the Jews …kile unafanya you start heavy lifting, eating more meat and eggs, getting more sunlight, avoiding sugar na kuomba tu… stay stoic and imagine you were born alone in this world, how would you survive then?

wacha kukaa pekeyako, what you feed grows