I am behind Iran

America can face them with their trillion dollars’ military equipments…

…but Iran has God

Just watch

The US never won the war in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan…

Unasema nini Mnusa tako?

Mcooshait maliza hao invaders.
Shhhhh… supreme leader is live, Al-Jazeera inciting the masses

I support iran but they would have planned for war better than falling for uncle sam invasion tactics.

@Bingwa Scrotum si uende Iran ukajoin Basij militia tuone kama hizo scrotums zako ni bingwa

They have been doing exactly that for the past few decades. Iran is not prepared to face America in conventional warfare but it has almost perfected asymmetric warfare. They will fight under their own rules and not America’s.

That said, Iran is not some victim country pia wao wamefanya makosa.

I am not surprised…

though I am anti-war. but the worst any country can do is to go into war with the US.

“Behind” iran…yeah right,tunawajua nyinyi :D:D

Niko behind iran

Mpaka Vietnam nakumbuka nikiona zilions of movies wakipigwa war

What I know USA home ground huwezi washinda wako kama Manu lakini away ni 50/50

Umewahi ona wakifight kwao

Iran has never attacked any other country

Ni kitu iko uncle Sam si mchezo

You have to remember the last war the US fought using both fists ended in 1945 and that was against real men.
Those wars you are describing are just for clearing up factory inventories. When a toddler starts a fight you are hardly going to wade in.

America didn’t win any war in the middle east anyway with all of them for many many reasons out there so how else you plan to be doing that way? Those 2 wars wasn’t even wars but more like trading weapons for many many people out there.