Hyundai... Tucson, Crater, Palisade etc.... Any objections?

Are Hyundai vehicles worth it? 5 yr warranty seems attractive.

Prices for a zero mileage, even more attractive.

Any opinions for or against?

Hyundai cars have greatly improved over the last twenty years. If you can live with a Nissan you can live with a Hyundai

… So Hyundai is just like problematic Nissan or what…

They are good cars with good maintenance,avoid the diesel variants.

Nice shapes but i know 3 people incuding my sister zimeungua engine…hata kama they will do regular oil change.One was lucky ilishika moto akiendesha

But they have awesome luxury interiors for an affordable price.

Engine za Hyundai hazijafanyiwa research proper kama for example doyota!
Hyundai hawajui engine ndio gari, unapata debris na particles Kwa engine! How now?

Niko na hyundai i can tell you from my experince that car is good as long as u main the car good go.

Hiyo palisade niliona juzi and what a good looking car!

I would not say problematic but just dont subject them to the abuse that Toyotas take. I also think you get more features in these other models for what the same amount would get in a Toyota

… wtf :oops:… but thanks for the heads-up.

Yes, elegant kabisa but bei hapa KE ndio maneno yote, i got a quote of 10M from the distributor :smiley:

Shit. Hiyo na pesa ya landcruiser 200 diesel.

Btw, were these second hands ama brand new… Just been told that probably imported used could be having some minor issues that become big when the car hits the roads hapa but a zero mileage one ati iko fiti as long you pamper it well.

Kama uko Africa na wewe si dollar billionaire tafuta tu Toyota. Anyway kama umeingia class ya dollar billionaire unaweza experiment with any make and model of car worldwide

That’s actually a very sober advise…

I like speaking the truth like Riggy G