Hydroponic Fodder

I intend to go into pig farming and while doing my research I noticed feeding takes up majority of the expenses. I found and attended training on Hydroponics and they claim to drastically reduce feeding costs. I want to get 10 two month old piglets and see how long and how much it takes to get them to market weight for farmers choice. Has anybody else here had any experience with Hydroponic Fodder? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

isn’t hydrophonic about crops, where do the pigs come in? correct me if i’m wrong.

Thought so too

Yes it is, but you can grow barley sprouts through the hydroponic method which you then feed to the pigs. A 15kg tray grows in 7 days.

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Please check out this website: http://hydroponicskenya.com/products/fodder-systems/

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you sure about that? that would make growing barley even more profitable than rearing the pigs

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seems legit.

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The barley doesn’t get to mature. The seed germinates and after 7 days you feed the tiny grass like barley sprout to the pigs.

Everything seems legit on paper but I was hoping to find someone with some experience with it. Maybe a farm I could visit & learn from before I start.

why dont you do it practically and see for yourself

I intend to. Hopefully in the next two weeks.

Keep us updated

Encouraging stuff, try it halafu utujulishe vile kutaenda.

Heard about it some time back. Although I have never known someone do it.However, I have always thought some information is purposely left out i.e. the cost of plant nutrients. I would suggest that you first practice growing one tray for about 1 month just to get a feel of the costs involved and also to gain some real experience. I do know that it is possible to make your own plant nutrients cheaply.

Will do.

Will do.

The company I’m working with sells the nutrient at 600 bob. Their smallest fodder unit measures 4m × 3m × 3m and it cansupposedly feed about 70 pigs. I want to experiment with 10 but should it be a success I will increase the number. I will also be feeding a few Kienyeji chicken to see how they’ll react.

eazy e kuna farm in Kikuyu , Zambezi to be exact. hope the following numbers might help: 0721481553- peter or 0703286763. they charge KES 1000 per session but kama uko na school ID kes 500. fare ya kufika pale ni around 60 bob from town(stage ya pale koja) mat number 115. Hope you find help cos they have a farm . they rear pigs, chicken, cows , goats …etc all which feed on the fodder.they also sell the hydroponic formula kes 600 for around 6 liters. its a prudent venture

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Thanks man. That’s actually where I went for the training…