huyu ngengi.......

Niskie mmoja akiniambie sijui before Mathenge went to Ethiopia [ATTACH=full]138619[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]138620[/ATTACH]

I think you’re trigger happy and desperate for attention… For example most of your post are full of simple and silly typos…it is as if you rush to post without thinking through

Hehe spare the village manager

Eye witness amekuwa guest of the state? Tuseme aijianika…

He’s been a naughty boy. I am wondering; as a thief and impersonator, why the hell would you want to be in the news where people are going to recognize you? This is the kind of guy you tandika kumanyoko slaps.

A serial criminal. problem is that he cant reform

You sound disapointed with the post, whats your relationship to the accused bottle???

What exactly was his end game by choosing to appear on live tv as a fake, shades wearing, incoherent eye witness?

This line though “Faces can lie, Fingerprints never”

Game of Faces :D:D:D:D

i think he was trying to create a persona for his next con games…like where he gets people “hired” to police, KDF for a fee…

he was marketing his next mission

False sense of fame. Little education and underlying psychological issues.

Even if he’s made to pick soap from the bathroom floor?

I think he was going country wide, ala expanding his ‘bizness’

Well, he isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

Nothing can change such a person. That behaviour is partly natural and sometimes becomes ingrained in a person in developmental stages. There isnt a real way out. its like trying to make a man not to feel like getting laid.

Kizungu please???

This is all superficial. As usual the so-called Githeri media is doing no independent journalism

I guess he was missing prison.

Huwezi saidika