Huyu caretaker aliweza.


Well calculated. Hope he was able to withdraw the amount bila shida na kuvuka border.

Ng’ombe ni ng’ombe tu.

Atashikwa akiwa anakata Legend chill uone


nikujipanga kwa shamba la mawe

Highly doubt guys paying 70k in rent deposit cash every end month.


True hata mimi siamini

Huyu ni kaguaro noma sana!

Unasema aye mkubwa?

Banks normally these days query unusual activities in their customers’ accounts…am sure hajabeba yote unless akue anasaidiwa na bank staff

ngoja tu ataenda kuuliza job kwa the adjacent apartment… Hiyo ndo swagg siku hizi

Huyo utasikia aliuawa and nothing was stolen from him

To get 74 guys to Deposit, the bank account name has to be similar to the property management company running the apartments. Banks do due diligence before opening company accounts with requisite registration docs. How then, would someone stop paying X Property Estate Agents and pay Y / Kamau Associates without even a call to the owners?

My point exactly. If I were to get such a note just about when rent is due I would not only immediately call the contact on the original signed agreement but also hold the payment until clarification is done with proper documentation.

Fake news. upuss story. kama ile ya Steve Mbogo, na hii pia:


Karibu atuambie Huyo caretaker ni luopean

hii ni fake lakini!

But is it possible??