Huyu Baby Momma ananifanya nitoe mvi.

I have been around the block ikifika mapenzi na wanawake lakini huyu baby momma ameshinda.
Yaani one day she invites me to “talk things over” saa ile watoto wako shule and we end up in bed alafu two days later i get a letter from family court inataka kujua how i plan to pay maintainance!
Please some woman out here explain to me what goes on in your heads.
Haki women can be so cruel and manipulative.Ni kama she is showing me all the signs of the hope of us getting back together and at the same time everything she is doing is pointing at her moving on and wanting to milk me dry in the process.
I know she used to be totally into me and i cheated on her on multiple occassions lakini i never thought she could be so cold and calculating.She has a cousin who she is on the phone to kila saa and i believe that the jealous bitch is putting ideas into her head.
I can`t work out what the hell is going on juu when we are together she even tells me that our vows are still valid and that in her culture she cannot sleep with any other man.Alafu ananiambia ati hataki kufa na mdudu and she even leaves me condoms ati our kids need us! Mind you we never use condoms me and her!
WTF KTalkers!!!
Can someone decipher this one for me? I noticed a ka-white hair on my forehead today na kengine kwa ndevu! She has obviously wrecked my head ata kulala ni shida! NKT!!

…Afro cinema continues shortly.

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can you first tell us to what use you have put all the advise given previously.




Women are bitter and sweet mixed together, she seems moody like all other women…

Tuko season gani so far, for those who follow these shenanigans?

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Huyu Baby Momma ananifanya
nitoe mavi.

just sorry to have read it that way at first.


you have issues that can not be wiped by tissues.

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My bad! I forgot im seeking advise from wankers and homosexuals who wouldn`t know the first thing about heterosexual relationships.
Thanks though to @jameson and @Ice_Cube .

boss…u gave me advice juzi but clearly cant see…anataka tu kukufanya usuffer juu u tied her down.that daent mean ameacha kuwa horny…just look for a good lawyer pay maintenance for the kids …ni wako either way

i think ur real wife deserves better…

women r nt cruel they just knw ur wickness

I’ve following ua tribulations n my advice wud be its tym u got back home(Kenya).

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Sasa sweet cheeks!
She was my wife,as in the “real wife” i am single right now. She is my only true love i could trust her with my life.
She is now my third baby momma. Saa hii naskiza hii ngoma and its making so much sense…

Spot on!
Niko na 2 year strategy to do exactly that.At least i can live in the sun.
Thanks man,ni kama umesoma mind yangu.

utakuwa deported tu urudi ukatunze watoto

@onekigogo is spot on, the west does not treat the man in such a situation kindly

I don’t think you should have hair of any colour on your forehead Kabuda.

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clearly shes still into You.labda ulimkosea sana n probably shes those kind of people who seek others approval (cuzo)

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I noticed a ka-white hair on my forehead today na kengine kwa ndevu! She has obviously wrecked my head ata kulala ni shida! NKT!!