Huyu anaeza kuua kama jokea


This is how terrorists are born.

Or murderers

Mexican cartels should hire him

Am not surprised ni mkisii… I have seen them do some strange shit. Na huko nyuma wimbo za SDA ziko hewa mbaya.

Sometimes I consider being a vegetarian.

I don’t see what’s bothering you. This is quicker than what typically happens

Better than using a dull knife

You haven’t watched muslims on that their Christmas. Man. Wacha hii ya mbuzi mmoja. There is usually a line of goats.

This is nepal. They have a slaughter festival. Supposedly for idol worship.


As opposed to akiichinja polepole? I don’t see your point.

There are many methods. The most humane is the one where suffering is minimised.

huyu Mkisii ako sawa

Muslims must let the blood spill out so that method is a no for the terrorists. Ever heard of halal meat?

That guy is mofaya

Animal life matters. They deserve some dignity even in death