Huyu Admean anatafuta ngumi na tochi

Ama sijui ni Social Media editor

Wale waliona tafasari, give me a break.

Safcon should give this crap up of giving sh!tty replies to attract likes

May be they believe all publicity is good publicity

enzi za stiff upper lip ziliisha


Do they really do reply such shiet me hudhani ni botoshop…thats so unprofessional

Very unprofessional. Safcom should stop hiring street kids to do their socho media marketing.

Then you guys havent been following clapbacks by bigger conglomerates like Taco Bell, Wendy’s, MTN na Vodacom, its usually hilarious. Nandos usually takes it to another level though, they do shoot an entire satirical advert. Loosen up people

Why so serious…a little bit of humor is good.

:D:D:D:D upper cut

They better since they’re very responsive unlike other “professional” companies who choose to ignore tweets and get paid for that.

He had to respond. That guy Dennis Tirop ndio alianza uchokozi

Its a good take down. Humour is good for you.

actually…this is what works nowadays. people are tired of bureaucracies and the same tone of replies. This is way much better

Quite true. And management encourages them to interact with social media posters that way. That guy cannot just wake up and start posting such with no greenlight from the supervisor or marketing department.

Agree. Bob conmemore approved it sometime back. Its the modern way of dealing with clients…loosening the tie and being real. No one wants to talk to a robot like customer care attendant.