Huyo sio mwizi, alikuwa makanga.. RIP Vinnie Edu

Hesy the killer cop earlier today shot down 5 boys in Dandara dumpsite. He claims they were thugs who shot at him/police before they were gunned down.

Plot twist going by the comments in his Facebook page where he has posted the pictures of the 5 dead bodies, people came out and swore that one of the shot boys was not a thug but a makanga.

So what was he doing at the dumpsite with thugs? According to the people who know him wanasema hio ni base ya kuvuta weed and the makanga had gone to puliza some puffs.

It is understood that Vinnie Edu is a hardworking makanga who wakes up at 3am to work as a makanga till 10pm and rushes home to wife and kid and sleeps immediately after supper coz ya kurauka asubuhi. He works Monday to Saturday… So Leo alikuwa ameenda base just to smoke weed. Police raided the base and assassinated every one.

Here is Vinnie.
[SPOILER=“RIP Vinnie Edu”][ATTACH=full]189977[/ATTACH][/SPOILER]

RIP maybe

Kiulisio, that’s the only place he can puff? That’s the only company he can keep.??? Its called “status quo fighting back”.


Unfortunately he was found at the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong crowd. Ni kama kupatwa ukiwa umetuliza na kina Mwane na squad yake, huweziponea…

I have boys of age. And nothing scares a parent like the kids company.

Show me you friends and i will tell you your character…
Kama alikuwa anahang na wesi ni mwisiii

When you grow up in some neighborhood in Eastland most of the guys you grew up with end up being thieves.

And you kill them without mercy.

When I was growing up I always knew there was a big risk of hanging around the boys. But it’s tough because they are your childhood friends. It’s like that guy in the movie Save the last dance who grew up with those guys. It’s hard to ignore them when you grew up with them.
Hapa I say a genuine RIP

Who said those killed were thieves or they even shot at that policeman? That is what police say all the time. To see people here calling them thieves yet they dont know them says a lot.

Then they deliberately draw out your kid as a shield. Small boy in school…

You remember Omondi the guy who was found with guns pale Mamlaka? Alikua homeboy wa nakuru so naturally we used to hang out with him hadi tukaanza kumsaidia kuuza simu(innocently). Uliza Willy, the current MD wa naivas and he will tell you how omondis arrest send us into exile…we left campus for a few weeks…police were tracking all his ‘associates’ yet we had zero knowledge of his nocturnal activities.


please put the link to that fb page nijisomee hiyo story

Huyu ametetewa sana, looks genuine. Makosa.

Now imagine if thieves aren’t shot dead by the police like they do.
Believe me you wouldn’t dare venture out of your house in some estates even in broad daylight.
Life in this city would be unlivable.

Imagine being accosted by a 15 year old high as a kite. That “kid” has no problem splitting your gut open with a crude knife for a phone!