Huyo Mlevi akwende uko...



Konyagi ako na shida,sidhani kuna any other president who can allow this kind of shit to happen in order protect democracy.
Yes,he has failed but lazima heshima idumu,noone will say despite ruining economy the DDO protected Kenyan democracy…

wah! tough times ahead indeed

Wait for WSR to be sworn-in, hapo ndio tutaanza kusuma, Uhuru was the coolest President ever. Wait for it.

Ata ukiwa mpole aje people atleast need kukutambua for something…sasa yeye ni nini…ulevi tu

Uhuru, gives zero respect to kenya or Kenyans. Sonko just said the truth, mlevi ni mlevi… Hata kama ni nani! Same way mwizi ni mwizi…

It’s only a Kenyan who dresses like his host. (Although Kenya haina national dress. Even the shirts Uhuru wears he copies from Mandela.)

Raila should’ve dressed in something Kenyan to differentiate himself from his host(s). (Although wote hapo ni financial criminals so maybe they should look alike and dress alike.)

A Moroccan for instance would be in a djellaba or something. Kenyans always look as if they visited the host with no clothes and were given clothes there.

A Kenyan goes to the U.S he starts dressing like a homie. The same Kenyan even starts tweng’ing to fit in. Kenyans have no sense of national or indigenous pride.

An Indian American who has never even been to India talks with an accent and proudly wears the red dot plus turban if he is a kalasinga.

The Kenyan meanwhile is trying to be the local DMX.:rolleyes:

Uhuru should steer away from politics like kibaki did and work. But he can’t for he doesn’t want to leave he wants to be a kingpin. He will really regret this move, odm has already started kicking. All those efforts he is putting in central will be destroyed by just one visit ya ruto.

But Sonko hakuna kazi alikuwa anafanya Nairobi… ilikuwa tu mzaha na corruption. Ama umepata Kenyan voter’s bout of short memory? Umesahau ile uchafu ilikuwa Nairobi?

If Sonko was a worker then definitely the whole country would be sympathetic with his case… just saying.

His ferro waganga.

Uhuru is a soft prezzo. Ingekuwa mimi sonko angekua manyani prison sleeping with snakes like jowie

Manyani ama 6 feet under?