hustling for fees, milfs on the prowl

If you got a few coins to spare, Njaanuary is harvest time for mature cookie. even normal working girls have the hoe instinct activated. just hunt discreetly.

:D:D:D Text za “long time” Zimeanza kuingia.

i ramnyad someone, before covid, now I just received a good morning text. I know how the script will go…

On Sunday afternoon was just chilling in the house.Then a phone call comes in.Its from some woman I tried to munch akahepa.Later got paged and got a kid with some other nigga who karurad.I pick the call and she goes ‘hey enigma,happy new year,are you at Tamambo?I think I just saw your car parked outside’.I tell her no.Am at home.She goes ‘alright,my bad,that car looks like yours kabisa.Anyway,am here the whole afternoon,you can pass by if you are free’.I thought to my self ‘jingasana tafta fees bila kisumbua enigma’ as I replied ‘awesome,will let you know,thanks’ nikakata phone.

:D:D:DTru dat. Wueh.

looks like @Enigma = @anon46421834 . nimeitiwa offers tatu, but moja am considering

I am eating and indeed drowning in KMTC puthy (18-23 years olds) pole pole nikingoja warudi shule on 18th January …Cunt relate

Aren’t you scared of this lot? I have read scary stories about them here on KT.

. So far no bad experience…the only downside is that some are a little clingy …one even told me to promise that I will never dump her …haha

I am sure you promised her you won’t until she ‘took it off’ and you took off :D. Those insecurities come with age. ION ulitumia mtoi sikukuu even if sidhani umefanya DNA yet?

maze si those women can skwanyo …Catching strokes with them can be addictive because they always bring out their A game 247 .Juzi I had to tap out when she put my dick in her mouth after the 3rd round .

i like my women a bit ripe, not school girls…

i like my women a bit ripe, not school girls. mwenye hata nikianza kupitisha mistari anashikanisha ni ikus nataka. 25+

25 + not bad only that most of them come with so much emotional baggage and far much more insecurity …she visits you over the weekend and doesn’t want to leave …cant deal with that

hii ngombe inaogopa DNA wacha alee mtoto wa brother yake pole pole

of course! but I treat them nicely …but will never commit …For DNA i got a quote from KEMRI but collecting the baby samples has been an issue coz huyo mama amekwama na mtoto mashinani so even self collection of the sample has been a challenge coz i want to do it discretely

Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 1:50 PM


Thank you for your inquiry. How would you like to be assisted?

The DNA Test cost Kshs.20,000/= [For the Alleged Father, Child and Mother(optional) or Alleged Father with two children or Alleged Father and Child ] . charges of Ksh.10,000/= are made from the 4th person. This charges apply in both paternity and maternity cases, given that the sample taken is a buccal swab.

For self-collection, one can pick or swabs from the KEMRI Headquarters off Mbagathi rd. The swabs together with the consent form can also be sent to one by using the G4S courier, for self-collection option, if out of Nairobi. One shall incur the courier fees. After sending all the details i.e name, telephone number and place, you shall be given the fee amount Which shall be sent to the KEMRI Account via mpesa, before the DNA Test collection kits are sent out.

Note: The DNA test fee shall be paid once we confirm receipt of your swabs and consent form.

Also for all adults participating in the test, their consent and Copy of IDs are required.

Note: Because of the coming holidays, we shall close and sample collected after Thursday 16, December 2020 shall be processed in January which is longer than the 5-10 working days.


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Exactly, at my level, I prefer teachers and medics, someone you can have mature conversation with and understand that you have a family elsewhere.

Kuna mwenye jana alinishow eti she lost my contacts and has been looking for it for a whole year :eek::D:D:D:D:D:D

Kumshow haya niambie, she was like “kukuchokoza tu” …I know leo or kesho the convo will go beyond

mwarabu au al shabab kama wewe

Naona you are spewing village proverbs and wisdom