Hustler nation wave at the coast is for real

Waaaah so jana i was getting my haircut and huko story za raila watu hawataki kusikia kabisa. Nikipanda boda boda ama nikiongea na marafiki zangu wa nduthi wao ni hustler.

Kwani wewe baado unafuata Raira na Raira ni dynasty ??? Sisi mapeddie ata siasa hatujuagi

Nimfate raila kama nani? This was basically an observation i made.

Raira political career is over. The fall of BBI will be the last mail in the coffin

Raila is just like Mo1. He always has to pick the candidate anywhere ODM has a stake from MCA to Governor. Doesn’t matter if the people choose him/her, if Rao hasn’t rubber stamped it there will be Men in Black shenanigans to make sure that person goes nowhere. That’s why he’s not comfortable with Obado, the man got huge grassroots support from his years in the union akitetea sugarcane farmers. He doesn’t need Odinga patronage and the old man absolutely hates it. Mombasa has been an ODM stronghold for years but the Msambweni thing has shown that the coast is tired of Raos monopolizing. Now if only Western and Nyanza could follow suit, that old bastard would become irrelevant overnight.

You’re reaching when you say his political career is over. To him he probably made the right move but we will see come 2022 because if there is something i can guarantee is that the electorates have a weak mind.

Railas strength for the longest came from him being the fighter against evil regimes throughout history. Lakini sasa he is part of the same govt so they have neutralized him And his power he is not as popular as he once was and thats normal.

Lets see how things go on this journey to 2022

Fundi magungu is one stingy MOFO

Lakini naona muthungu wa Ruiru hapa hakufanya strategy yake vizuri. It’s too early for him to abandon Gatheca now, coz bado anaweza maliza yeye kisiasa.
Gatheca is bitter and out on a revenge mission. The best thing for Central politicians to do now ni kushesha shini till twenditwendituu.

Pesa ikipungua wanatoroka jayden and he starts hunting them down like an angry rhino. But all in all it will not end well for uhuru, he will retire politically lonely and bitter. He became to clever till he outsmarted himself and now he is cornered. Come 2022 when politicians will have nothing to gain from him, they will all desert him.

The damn husler movement in unstoppable for real

Raila ni falaaa , Kuweka his coast representative who calls himself an arab mpaka sultan (yet sionangi any arab in him, Joho ni mluhya ama Jaluo wa coast) was his biggest blunder since the arabs did wrong to coastals from robbing their land to shipping them to arabia

Ati unasema Joho ni Jaluo:D:D:D

Foolish baengele Joho is a bajun.


That is exactly what you said in 2017 when the song was bondo dala and tano tena.

Kikuyu and Kale cant be the only ones to rule Kenya. Wait for this card to ne pulled out ndio mtajua

Ruto aliokota idlers Mombasa akawalipa now things that he is the incoming president.
Wacha 2022 ikaribie uhunye atatoa all the dirt Ruto has.

All this will make sense until BBI passes.

Understandable. Watu wa coast wamefirwa since independence na the establishment. As long as Raila angekuwa seen to be against the establishment his appeal would remain. Now that amejoin the oppressor…