Hustler founder passes away.


One of a kind. Among the few that paved for the pornhubs that we all wank to. US likes to brag how free the country is but when it comes to porn they’ve always restricted it.

Hustlers slogan " hardcore since 1974"

Meffi ya doggie offered 10 million dollars for any info that can impeach Trump.

This nigga introduced me to hardcore internet porn when we only had Alter Vista as the only search engine and Ms Explorer the only browser, when cyber cafe rates were 10bob per minute, when streaming a 2min clip would take u 30mins, when fare from South B to town was 20bob. Penthouse Pets and Barely Legal were my first porn search terms.

Pale nakuru uchumi house ilikua 30bob per min…we would fundraise about 5 of us during school holidays ndio tuwatch for a very frustrating 10min

The People vs. Larry Flynt

I recall that saga. Which year was that?

Waah, 30 bob per minute? Which year was that?

But seems he was a liberal guy. According to the Washington Post:

“Beyond smut-peddling, Mr. Flynt presented a multilayered and sometimes unexpected public persona. He opposed the death penalty. He favored same-sex marriage. He spoke out against the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. He published numerous non-pornographic mainstream periodicals. A private foundation he created contributes to research in spinal cord injuries, child abuse and youth violence.”

Supreme Court in 1981.Movie 1996 which one do you recall…according to your birth year ofcourse?:D:D:D

95 nilikuwa natumia net

Nilikua na magazine tatu za hustler,kuna time nimeenda chuo kurudi jioni napata keja iko repainted,hadi bedrooms,naingia hivi napata painter ameziget from their hideout chini ya wardrobe kale ka mpenyo nyuma akaziweka juu ya bed.Uzuri matha hakua kejani ju harufu and all. Atleast cover hazikua mezesha ka playboy