Huruma kwa rafiki

So yesterday I was having a drink over choma with a friend of mine (who sells cars) at Karangi Hotel in ngara (if you know you know) at around 5pm then we heard some commotion coming from the side of the rooms but because we were discussing big money we paid little attention. The noise went down then after a few minutes (like 15min) another louder commotion then the hotel staff who was attending us ran that way kidogo we heard female screams then it subsided on intervention of the hotel staffers. When our Waiter came back we asked her what the matter was and she whispered to us that a certain jamaa had overdry fried a lady kwa mkia but wameambiwa watoke. After a few minutes the guy and the lady came down and passed us on their way out, I saw my guy getting shocked and he started swelling tears on his eyes. After much persuasion he told me the lady that had just passed by with the guy was his second wife. He said all along he had suspected his wife but now it was confirmed. Am still trying to counsel him.

Sema tu ni wewe but hatuwezi kukuconsole mzee. Umia peke yako ju kunguru uliitafuta wewe mwenyewe

Mzee hata wewe umejoin the anal drilling battalion? Shame on yoj

As usual no scrap of effidense for your story of giants.

Hahaha hiyo karangi na ipenda place ime tulia sana

Unataka evidence ya anus shoga hii?

Tena nyama choma yao ni top notch

Kabisa na ni kwa wazee hakuna ku sumbuliwa


Actually good for big money discussion and project evaluation.

Mbona watu hawajipendi??

Una advertise hiyo hotel omwani. Good job though

na bado mwaka haijaanza

Karangi needs no advertising. As he said, if you know, you know!

Kuna Mzee hapo mkambodia he makes some mean nyama choma.


Tell him sir


fake stories

Effidence priss ata kama ni harufu ya nyama Shoma!!

Sijaelewa hii storo