Hurricanes: Explained

As I originally explained some weeks ago, hurricanes have an intrinsic African connection. ‘Ngoma cia aka’ (the devil’s ex-wife) is NOT idle commentary.

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Baaas our black karma indeed…wacha awasumbue kabisa kwanza china

Yah am just gonna go ahead and call that bullshit.

Lets just say that was then. but of today its a new age Weapon. hurricanes-on-Steroids za siku hizi iko na wenyewe. waulize wale wakukopa pesa za ujenzi.

Those are slayqueen ex-wives.

It’s amazing they are not caused by Trump

Amused = Resident meteorolgist aka Nguata Francis

Watu wa ‘wokeness’ wanatudanganya sana; sasa mtasema ni ‘slave woman’ mgani alienda Far East ndio wakuwe na cyclone/typhoons?

In Nyanza it is called Nyawawa.

Are you aware of the the Four Elements in metaphysics, occult, zodiac, Egyptian, tarot, zodiac etc ‘wisdom’(interesting stuff) Fire and Air are considered to be ‘masculine’ whereas Water and Earth - ‘feminine’. Yin and yang stuff. - can make one crazy -

It’s in the Bible, movies, comics, zodiac just to name a few.

Acknowledge the source you plagiarizing bandit

Thats a typhoon

Nigga, what the ferk do you mean?

Read about; Weather Warfare.
Mtandao kwako tu hisiwe mambo na Ferk, nigga et al. Punguza ujinga polepole ndugu. :smiley:

If I did that, it wouldn’t be humor would it? Most ktalkers need to stop clenching their asses and relax.

i read somewhere about the HAARP is that shit real ama ni conspiracy theory