Hunt for Nandi Senator Cherargei

Police surround his home. He threatened to evict all kikuyus living in Rift Valley should they oppose Ruto’s presidential bid

If what he said in the video I saw then what you have reported is not the truth.

that’s what he said on the video, there’s what he said off cameras. Be very afraid

mbona unataka Gashui ajikojolee mapema hivi???

Link please

@spear leta spin.

That was very reckless, its high time the courts take such issues seriously


kama uncle ruto hata denounce hii ngombe kura yangu ataionea viu sasa,lakini nafikiria huyu jamaa anafanyia kazi our detractors,huwezi kuwa supporter wa uncle ruto na useme maneno kama hio

This narrative will be WSR’s undoing. It is catching fire but it is not the truth so we will dispel it as much as we can. There are many Kyuks in RV so telling them to be afraid is not good.

Thank you v much Mr Uhuru Kenyatta but the Kenyarras have to vacate the seat now. Enough is enough.

Kweli? Sasa unakuwa apologist?

You, my friend, mus’ be very naive.

tuwache uncle ruto aongee,mnataka kusema ile maneno yote moses kuria alikuwa anasema alikuwa blessed na uhuru aseme?

Again. Your naivete is dizzying.

:smiley: mkuki kwa nguruwe - lakini hapa kenya the politics of hate and revenge are just too much, from some guys who were threatening to circumcise baba when he was anti uk, to this now, of evicting people - just too negative, but uk reminds me of kibaki, very poor when it comes to politics can create a very big mess.

and how do you know what he said off camera??

That’s easy. He had the camera. He switched it off - then told the senyetor to continue with his speech.

ekcatiri, seems you were there too, kenyatalk was well represented

I think some people want and hope for the worst, remember the prosecutor when they were arresting rotich, I mean he had already decided that there will be demos - no need reading too much into some of this - but some people really want to paint a certain picture, they tried with the ‘deni’ thing seems that one lost steam.